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F1 | Christian Horner on the 2025 engines: "They must be entertaining, otherwise we should all go and do Formula E"

Red Bull Racing's team principal, Christian Horner, believes that the 2025 engines must entertainin while being noisy, as well as lowering production costs.

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F1 | Christian Horner on the 2025 engines: "They must be entertaining, otherwise we should all go and do Formula E"
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It is clear that the sound of Formula 1 engines has been on the decline. Since the introduction of the turbo hybrid era and V6 engines in the top category of motorsports, many people - including drivers - were against this type of power unit. A clear example was Sebastian Vettel, who retired during the 2019 Russian Grand Prix due to a failure with the engine's electrical system (this system was integrated into engines in 2014), which was not available with older engines. When he stopped his car and with frustration at the top, the German driver commented on the radio “Bring back the **** V12s!”, Referring to the V12 engines. On the other hand, we know that the FIA ​​is working to create new regulations on power units and create a new era in this concept. These regulations will come into action in the 2025 season and it is expected that new engine companies will enter the category if the new rules favour them, this coupled with the fact that according to the FIA, these new engines will make the category even closer in terms of performance.

Christian Horner, who serves as Red Bull Racing's team principal, commented that the new 2025 engines will need to be better in many ways, including being extremely expensive to build, complicated, and in turn criticized for almost not making noise compared to those of past generations.

“We see that costs of the current engine are extremely prohibitive. It was not thought of when this engine was conceived, and I think there’s a fantastic opportunity for what could arguably be the engine for 10 years, when it’s introduced, to do something a little bit different.” The boss of the team that leads the constructor’s championship affirmed.



“I think it has to address the emotion, the sounds, and yes, of course, it has to tick the sustainable boxes. But, I think it still needs to be entertaining – otherwise, we should all go and do Formula E.” The British stated.

"Hopefully the collective minds can come up with something attractive for 2025, or what would be more sensible is do job properly for 2026."

While it is true, the electrical system of the power units (the MGU-H), make the engine have more power and horsepower. However, this component has been one of the main factors that cause the engine to fail, which would subsequently mean a retirement of the session. In order for the engine to have a louder noise, one of the proposals is to remove the MGU-H, however, this could reduce its speed. Another proposal is to increase the maximum revolutions of the engine, that is, currently engines can support up to 12,000 revolutions per minute, while past engines used to support up to 17,000, generating more noise. Horner is clear that it is necessary for all the people and companies involved in creating the new rules for engines to work as a team.

“It’s important we find the right solution, both in cost and product, for the future of F1. So I think all the right stakeholders are involved in that discussion, and it’s important to work collectively for the benefit of the sport.”

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