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F1 | Aston Martin on the rumours of changing their colour to pink: "Ferrari is red, Aston Martin will be green"

Otmar Szafnauer, who serves as Aston Martin's team principal, spoke to MotorLat, and other media, about new personnel coming to the British team and shared his thoughts about the rumours of changing their green colour to pink, thanks to BWT.

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F1 | Aston Martin on the rumours of changing their colour to pink: "Ferrari is red, Aston Martin will be green"
Fuente imagen: Hasan Bratic - MotorLat

Aston Martin is one of the teams with the highest expectations at the start of this 2021. With Lance Stroll and the four-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel, as its starting drivers, the British team is in sixth position with a total of 44 points. Their main rivals so far are AlphaTauri (who are fifth with 48 points, 4 more than Aston Martin) and Alpine (they are seventh with 32 points, 12 points less than the British). Otmar Szafnauer spoke to MotorLat, and other media, about various organizational rumours within the team's structure, possible colour change in his car, among other issues. These were the most important statements of the press session.

To start, Otmar commented that Aston Martin grew in terms of personnel from its days when they used to be called Racing Point. According to his data, they now have 150 more employees, which gives them an extra advantage. Likewise, we have seen how two teams (Red Bull and Aston Martin) have been hiring more personnel, a good number of these employees already have experience; Red Bull has hired a lot of staff from Mercedes, while Aston Martin has hired engineers from Red Bull. In addition, the well-known Aston Martin technical director, Andrew Green, has kept an eye on the development of his car for the following season. With this as a preamble, Otmar was asked how the new personnel were going to adapt to Green's methodology in order to best develop his car, this is what he anwered:

“It will definitely be Andrew Green’s vision, even in the future. So he will be making a lot of those important decisions. Also, with the collaboration of the new people and the people that we have, we’ll do the best out of it. So, I think everything will be aligned, and the people that were recently announced have had long discussions in order that we all are aligned.” Otmar stated.

On the other hand, the hiring of engineers has only been announced for the technical part of the team and the car, Otmar was asked if the new people within the organization are only directed to that area or if they are also going to expand other departments.



“As we’ve grown, from 400 people to, let’s say, 800, the other departments in the organization will have to grow too. Support functions will have to get bigger, aerodynamics will have to get bigger, etc.” This is a great advantage for the British team since the saying goes, 4 eyes see better than 2.

Finally, lately we have heard rumours that BWT, who is a sponsor of Aston Martin, in addition to being the main sponsor of Racing Point, intends to change the representative green colour of the British team car to pink, just as it used to be in the days of Racing Point. According to these rumours, the reason would be because the current green colour does not stand out on television. This was what Otmar commented.

“I think the green colour suits the car for sure. I think is [green] a stunning colour in the sun and when you’re looking at it in person. I believe we should be looking at making it pop a little bit more on television, without losing the green. So I don’t know if we can do that but that’s the main thing we’re looking to do, just to make sure that it differentiates itself on TV.”

He was later asked if there is any amount of money that BWT must give to Aston Martin so they can consider changing its colour to pink, to which he answered the following bluntly.

“With the name like Aston Martin and Aston being green traditionally, I would think it will stay green. Ferrari is red, Aston Martin will be green.”

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