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F1 | Brazilian GP in Interlagos to host a safe event with fans, dreaming of a full-crowd

Interlagos Grand Prix could be one of the 30 events that the Brazilian Government could open to the crowd as a “test”, after the pandemic.

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F1 | Brazilian GP in Interlagos to host a safe event with fans, dreaming of a full-crowd
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The Brazilian GP of the 2021 season could be open to the crowd, according to https://www.grandepremio.com.br/f1/noticias/sao-paulo-inclui-formula-1-lista-30-eventos-com-publico-ainda-2021/. The Sao Paulo district decided to organize a plan of 30 events, which will start from July 17th and will go on until December, which will be used as a “post-pandemic test” to welcome the crowd again to the events. The idea is to take back those damaged areas, like leisure and sport and bring them back to life, in safety.

The Sao Paulo Governor, João Doria, included also the F1 Grand Prix that will take place in November – more precisely in the weekend that goes from 5 to 7 – in Interlagos

According to Doria, for these events it’s very important to keep testing people and respect all the medicals protocols, in order to avoid any kind of useless risk of contracting the virus. The main goal of this event is “to maintain strict sanitary protocols for the safety, control and monitoring of participants", in this way "the events will be carried out with mandatory testing and vaccinated people".

Brazilian fans couldn’t wait to attend a F1 event and on the 29th of June, the tickets, about 28.000, were already sold out. The GP promoter Alan Adler talked to a Brazilian media, Grandepremio.br to discuss about the situation that is delineating. Adler explained that even selling the tickets wasn’t as easy as it could seem, because they wanted to respect the list and they organized three different slots. The first was for those who had bought a ticket for older editions and they could not take place. The second one was for those in the waiting list and finally, the last one was “normal” people who just want to buy a ticket.

He is working to create a safe environment, even if officially they are aiming at having 40.000 people in a racecourse created for 70.000. Nevertheless, he firmly believes in the chance to hold a full-crowd event, considering that there is an estimation that tells that the whole adult population in Sao Paulo should have the first jab of the vaccine by September.

From the moment you make a safe event, and what we are proposing is a safe event, there's no point in having 40,000 people when you can have more.the promoter states. - But today we are working with 40 thousand people. Today, we practically sold around 70% [28 thousand] of this capacity to the general public. Because, when you make this sale over the internet, you limit the sale to up to five tickets per CPF, but there are many sales that are made to groups, agencies, commercial partners”.

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