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F1 | Vettel, Ricciardo and Norris on messy qualifying behaviour in Austria

The drivers share their thoughts on the gentleman's agreement that should be respected in order to avoid clashes like the one between Vettel and Alonso in Q2.

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F1 | Vettel, Ricciardo and Norris on messy qualifying behaviour in Austria
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The end of Q2 at the Austrian GP turned into a rather frantic mess. Some drivers were slowing down to try and create a gap ahead of them and find enough space for their out laps. Fernando Alonso was at the end of his flying lap, between Turn 9 and Turn 10, when he was blocked by Sebastian Vettel and was forced to abort his lap. Ahead of the Aston Martin Perez and Bottas, who were slowing down as well. The German was penalised with 1 licence point and a 3 place drop on the starting grid. A decision Vettel found difficult to understand.

“They said I did nothing wrong. So I don’t understand why I got a penalty, it’s a bit weird, no?," he commented. 

“I think I was the only nice guy so I’ll probably be less nice.” 

Asked whether it was clear what drivers could and couldn't do at the Red Bull Ring, Daniel Ricciardo replied:

"It was clear, it was clear. I think the problem is when you're like 15 cars all bunching up, you know, at some point, you've got to try get out of the way for someone coming through." 

"There was some drivers who would like to overtake around turn nine. And like, let's say get track position. And I think by then it's just a bit of a code that once you are at that point, it shouldn't [be done]," he went on.

The McLaren driver believes it's an issue to be solved among the drivers. 

“I think at the end of day, like if someone's been a bit cheeky and taken advantage of the situation that we've agreed, then that driver or those drivers should maybe just expect a bit of shit to come their way at some point, " he explained. 

“That's the decision and the choice they make, so I'm happy for us to sort it out our own way.”

His teammate, Lando Norris, also commented on the matter. 

“At some places it's fine, and you don't even have to speak about it, but when people don't want to go first, that's what the issue is,” he said. “Then you get people overtaking you in to the last corner, and that's what screws everything up."

Hence, does he think a gentleman's agreement is not enough and it should be regulated somehow? 

“I don't know if a rule needs to be in place, but maybe it does because people can just get caught out for no reason. For doing the correct thing, they can get screwed over and caught out, which isn't fair, in my opinion."

"But we're going to speak about it at the next drivers' briefing,” concluded Norris.

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