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F1 | Diversity and inclusion, how "The Hamilton Commission" aims to make tangible changes in motorsport

Stefano Domenicali says that the teams and the FIA are ready to increase diversity across Formula 1, as "The Hamilton Commission" report is finally out.

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F1 | Diversity and inclusion, how  "The Hamilton Commission" aims to make tangible changes in motorsport
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To the present day, the project that Lewis Hamilton has been carrying out for some time now, aimed at increasing diversity in motorsport and making real, tangible changes, in step with the time we live in, seems ready to be realized.

The seven-time world champion is the only black driver in the history of Formula 1, and has always stend up for blacj people rights, especially in the last period, on the wave of the protests for racial inequalities, against the non-inclusiveness of motorsport, criticizing those who haven't expressed themselves on the delicate matter.

Lewis Hamilton, already 10 months ago, announced the birth of "The Hamilton Commission" (https://www.hamiltoncommission.org/), a partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering, which has been a great resource to research the reasons for the lack of representation of black people in the UK motorsport industry, as a matter of fact it emerged that only 1% of employees in this sector have a "different" cultural background.

The Commission will be dedicated to engaging more young people of color in science, technology, and then integrating them into the world of motorsport. The research involved also the lack of role and career models in schools, the barriers that prevent joining this job sector, and the hiring that demonstrates how it is more difficult for young black graduates to find outlets in engineering professions.

It has highlighted some recommendations that must be followed to achieve this goal, including asking F1 and other motorsport teams to:

  • Improve diversity and inclusion across all organisations
  • Include higher apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships as an alternate pathway into the sector, as well as availability to paid work placement and work experience schemes
  • Support the creation of scholarship programmes to enable black graduates from degrees in engineering and allied subjects to progress into specialist motorsport roles.
  • Establish a new exclusions innovation fund, to develop programmes that address the factors that contribute to the high proportion of students from black backgrounds being excluded from schools.
  • Support the piloting of new approaches to increase the number of black teachers in STEM subjects that lead to careers in engineering, namely mathematics, physics, design and technology, and computing.
  • Call for additional STEM activity support to be provided to supplementary schools led by black community groups across the UK.

Here the full report: Full report - The Hamilton Commission

Rhys Morgan, Royal Academy of Engineering director, stated:

“We think that the cost cap is a barrier for teams to recruit apprentices, because apprentice salaries will be included in the costs for improving the performance of the car."

“Why would a team take on a young 16-year-old, with no experience, when they could take on a time-served technician or mechanic, who's going to be able to start working on the car," - he explained - "We think there's an opportunity there to explore how to make some exclusions within the cost cap to encourage apprenticeship training.”

Also Stefano Domenicali, President and CEO of Formula 1, gave his opinion about it: The Hamilton Commission has delivered a comprehensive and impressive report that shows the passion Lewis has for this very important issue," he said.

“We will take the time to read and reflect on all of the findings, but we completely agree that we need to increase diversity across the sport. We have taken action to address this and will be announcing more actions in the coming days."

We want a sport that is representative of our hugely diverse fan base and that is why Formula 1, the FIA and all the teams are working hard to deliver on our detailed plans to create positive change across the sport. There is always more to do and the report will stimulate thoughts about further actions that are required.”

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