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F1 | British GP | Alfa Romeo and Sauber sealed their multi-year deal. "It's a good step forward", Vasseur states

Alfa Romeo and Sauber recently announced their will to continue working together in F1 for some more years. The team principal Vasseur and the C.E.O. Imparato talked to selected media, which included MotorLAT, about their expectations, preparation and goals they want to achieve together

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F1 | British GP | Alfa Romeo and Sauber sealed their multi-year deal. "It's a good step forward", Vasseur states
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Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen and Sauber will keep their partnership in F1 for three more seasons. After the rumours that were talking about a possible break up between the two companies, at the wake of the British Grand Prix here comes the official news: the F1 grid will keep seeing the Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen team in the Circus for many more years.

Alfa Romeo’s team principal Frédéric Vasseur and its CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato sealed the continuation of their partnership coming together to the team’s press conference, which included for selected media, including MotorLAT. The two men talked about their will to go on together, improving and scoring new adventures, coming through the difficult challenge that is going to take place the next year, a change of regulations and an implement of electrification.

The conference started with a question to have an insight of the decision process that led to this announcement.

We needed an attitude, in F1 you need to have it and the other one is experience, that is needed to have a great work. The third one is contentImparato explains – and on the top of that, we love competition and we have the right team with us”.

It is obviously a pleasure to continue with this kind of stability, what does that mean for the team and its team principal?

“It’s a good step forward- Vasseur states – we can have a few seasons ahead to accomplish success in the future. We are working a lot on this and the stability to keep the partnership with Imparato is very important for us to improve”.

The focus then turned to electrification. The next question was about the kind of relationship that already exists with Alfa Romeo and Sauber, with Alfa Romeo entering the future, intensifying the electrification. Just how important can this step be for the brand and how can the involvement in F1 can help Alfa Romeo in the future?

“I’m not surprised to keep working together – Imparato says – since the first time I had contacts with Frédéric and the team that was absolutely right for me to build a partnership with them. F1 is always focused on the future, we had this long-term vision in terms of electrification, and we are one of the most renowned brands to do that. That’s why we want to stay in F1. To take the fantastic sensation of racing with electrification.”

Alfa Romeo is now renowned to be a strong presence and on the roads, so asked on what are the objectives that the two brands want to achieve together, both on and off the track, Vasseur said:

“The partnership is very important both in terms of visibility, the position on track and the patience of the project is based on improving the performance and there’s a huge step forward. We closed the gap in 2020 and we want to think about 2022, focusing on today and on the paths and keep improving.”

MotorLAT asked the last question, and it concerns the future. The new-era F1 cars are being revealed right now, and the 2022 season is coming closer. What kind of predictions does Vasseur have on their future performances?

For sure it’s a real opportunity for the team for two reasons: one is to perform on the regulations that we stopped to stretch very early in 2020 while developing the fuel cap and it was a waste but it made sense, of course. And the second one is developing on some young elements we were projecting, we are used to do it and can’t wait to use to transfer them into success,” he states.


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