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F1 | Steiner on having one hour of practice before qualifying: "We have to get the most out of the hour"

With the new sprint qualifying format, all the teams had only one hour of free practice before entering parc fermé and going into qualifying. Guenther Steiner shared his thoughts about it with MotorLat, and other media.

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F1 | Steiner on having one hour of practice before qualifying: "We have to get the most out of the hour"
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According to Haas team principal, Guenther Steiner, the North American car will not witness any surprises, that is, the team is not expecting them to score points because the car is not up to the task. If you put a point of comparison, the Haas does not even measure up to the Williams. Although they decided that this season they were going to have a line-up completely rookie drivers, such as Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher, it seems that driver errors and poor car performance have been the main factors that have made the team North American is in last position in the constructors' championship. During the British Grand Prix, Guenther Steiner spoke to MotorLat - and other media - and shared his point of view on various issues. These were the most important statements.

A few days ago we heard that Haas had a test with Pirelli for the North Americans to test the 18’’ tires that will be used from the 2022 season. This is what Steiner commented before conducting the test since he was asked if they were considering using another car just for the test: “You cannot do that. It would just not be possible to get the car from somebody else. You need to make your own car. For sure, sharing a car with us would be easier but that’s not possible . To drive a Ferrari for us would not be possible because you would use tools, software from them, and that’s not allowed by the FIA.” In the same way, they asked him if only with this test, the team had enough information for next year, to which he replied: “I think it’s equal to everybody. You know that in Formula 1, never everything is enough, you always want more. But, you try to get the best out of it and if everybody is treated equally, that is how it needs to be, because otherwise if we do too much testing would be pretty expensive.”



Subsequently, we know that a week ago the sprint classification format was carried out for the first time, where all the schedules and the distribution of the sessions of the British Grand Prix were modified. On Friday the first free practice sessions and qualifying took place (with the format of Q1, Q2 and Q3). Saturday was the second free practice and sprint qualifying. Finally, the main race would take place on Sunday. As we know, the teams only had 1 hour of practice before entering the parc fermé. Guenther was asked if he thinks that with an hour they could have good references to enter parc fermé, this is what he told us: “Maybe we should have tried something different but we need to do it fast. Obviously if the tyres are not there, we have to change something, whether in the car or in the driving style. We have to get the most out of the hour. Either way, I think it’s too early to comment on next sprint formats.”

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