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F1 | “Max won’t dwell on anything from Silverstone and wants to do his talking on-track,” says Horner on Silverstone debrief

Christian Horner states that Hungary will be a redemption, assuring that Max will put the incident behind him and use it as motivation the rest of the season. Red Bull as a team is fully motivated to retain the drivers and manufacturers championship lead.

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F1 | “Max won’t dwell on anything from Silverstone and wants to do his talking on-track,” says Horner on Silverstone debrief
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The British Grand Prix was an eventful race from from the start when the drivers fighting for the championship lead were involved in a crash. In the high speed curve that is Copse, Hamilton braked late and overshot the corner causing a collision that sent Verstappen crashing into the wall at 51G.

In the Silverstone debrief published by Red Bull F1 Team, Christian Horner describes the moment of the crash as a feeling of time being still while Max didn’t respond on the team radio. A moment where he describes as forgetting everything and just caring about the driver’s well being, moment relieved when Max got out of the car with help of the medical team, a bit bruised and dazed but up on his feet.

After preliminary chhecks in the medical centre at Silverstone, Verstappen was later sent to Coventry Hospital for a CT and MRI scan to ensure he did not suffer any internal injuries or neurological conerns (like a concussion). Max was released at 22:00 able to travel back home the very next day. He was bruised, but with the head fully looking ahead to Hungary.

Horner also mentioned that during the 16 and a half seasons that he has been team principal he had never had to walk into the stewards' office in the middle of a session, which he had to do when he heard Toto Wolff was on his way to see Michael Masi with information he tried to email Masi before the 10 second penalty was ruled. But as it is known, the stewards are locked away to ensure they are not influenced by external aspects and can rule on their own conclusions.

Saying this, Horner stated that he made his way to the stewards' office to make the point that neither Wolff or him should be lobbying or even be there, as it is inappropriate. He said that he is pleased with the FIA later stating that thhat sort of lobbying will be forbidden in the future, as it may persuade stewards into a certain decision that is not impartial.

As for the penalty, they felt, and still are, that Hamilton was penalised very lightly for this type of incident, being race incident or not. Red Bull's team principal says they are gathering information to request a review of the penalty, as it is their right. Adding that they are reviewing everything and considering all of their sporting options.

The other factor that has to be considered, is that, according to Horner, the incident cost the team $1.8 million in damages, an accident like that has massive consequences in the budget cap era.

The next thing he adds is a response to some comments from Toto Wolff that say Red Bull's comments about Hamilton having caused the collision are "so personal". Horner makes it clear that this on-track incident between two of the best drivers in the world right now, and at some point one of them is in the hospital with the extent of his injuries not yet been made clear, his car written off and the driver that caused the incident has been penalised, it is normal that some emotions come to play, whether you feel victorious or wronged. 

Both Hamilton and Verstappen have evolved from those youngsters who entered F1 as rookies, and are now exceptional drivers with a great deal of experience. Horner says thhat thhe reality is that Hamilton is now met with a driver and car that can not only match his skills and machine but is also competitive. He adds that he agrees in the fact that both drivers need to show respect for each other, but that Hamilton is to blame for Sunday's crash.

Christian states that he is disappointed in the level of celebrations from both Hamilton and Mercedes in the wake of the incident. The team was aware of the severity of the crash, and it is unimaginable that they did not inform their driver on the situation.

Red Bull's principal ends the debrief by saying that Hungary's Grand Prix will be their redemption from Silverstone. Both Max and the team are fully motivated to retain the championship lead (drivers and manufacturers).

"Max won’t dwell on anything from Silverstone and wants to do his talking on-track. He is determined to put this incident behind him and use it as added motivation for the rest of the season, as are we."

We will have to wait and see how Max and Red Bull as a team rise from this race.

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