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F1 | Hungarian GP | Max after his clash with Hamilton: "I'm definitely ready to go again!"

Max has commented that he is focusing on his main and only job in F1, which is to be the best and win on Sunday. He has been at the simulator for a 24-hour race and feels ready to go back racing this weekend in Hungary.

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F1 | Hungarian GP | Max after his clash with Hamilton: "I'm definitely ready to go again!"
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The last British Grand Prix witnessed one of the most controversial crashes in recent years. We are talking about the contact between the current drivers' championship leader, Max Verstappen, and his main rival and seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton. This accident occurred in the famous Turn 9, or also known as "Copse", of the Silverstone circuit, where the British tried to overtake the Dutchman on the inside, where they collided causing the Dutch driver to have an accident of 51 G of intensity. The world of Formula 1 was divided in two; on the one hand, there are those who think that it was a very dangerous manoeuvre by Hamilton and that it deserved a more severe sanction than only the 10 seconds that were given to him by the FIA, on the other side of the coin are those who think it was a racing incident and that the punishment was fair. More than a week has passed and the controversy continues to grow, even more now as Red Bull used its right for the FIA ​​to review the incident again and sanction the German team and British driver if the organization deems it necessary.

For his part, Max Verstappen was transferred to the circuit medical centre and later to the hospital for a more detailed check-up. Today, Red Bull Racing has published a series of questions and answers with the Dutch driver detailing his feelings after the accident, among other topics. These were the most important statements.

Regarding his feelings heading into the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend, Max commented: “I'm happy to get back on track in Hungary this weekend, especially after the last race result.” Commented the Dutch driver. “I'm a little bruised of course but that's normal after such a big impact but I'm training and feeling good.

“I did a 24hr sim race this week and it was a good test to see how my body would react to spending time sat in one position and behind screens for a long time, I felt absolutely fine which makes me feel positive heading into the weekend. I'm definitely ready to go again!



It is very important that Max regain his breath and that confidence that he had in the car, since there have been many cases where the driver does not feel comfortable with the car, loosing some tenths while driving or even having accidents again. We know that the Dutchman is a very complete driver and that over time, he has managed to mature and be patient, which was one of his main weaknesses in the past, so if he becomes satisfied and comfortable with his car, we can look forward to another fight for victory and pole position this weekend.

As we have already mentioned, after his accident with Lewis Hamilton, Max was taken to the local hospital, so he could not make any statement until his Instagram post where he commented that he found it disrespectful the way Hamilton celebrated his British victory when he was still in the hospital. Max was asked if he wanted to declare something since he could not after his accident, this is what he commented:

“I don't have much to say on all the media hype and to be honest I am not interested in getting involved in any of that. I know what happened at Silverstone as I was in the car and obviously I feel a certain way about how my race ended but now I'm just focusing on making sure we are the best we can be on track so we can stay ahead in the championship.

“The Team can take care of the official side of things and anything that needs looking into after the crash, but my job is the same as always - to be the best I can and try to win on Sunday.This is how Verstappen ended. Will we see him fighting for the win this weekend?

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