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F1 | Hungarian GP | Marko affirms Red Bull has new footage of Verstappen's crash in Silverstone

Red Bull Racing's main advisor, Helmut Marko, has admitted that Red Bull will present new footage of the collision between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The Austrian team will present it on Thursday with the FIA.

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F1 | Hungarian GP | Marko affirms Red Bull has new footage of Verstappen's crash in Silverstone
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We all know what happened at the last British Grand Prix. The two rivals and contenders for the drivers' championship collided. We went back just under two weeks and, on lap 1 of Sunday's main race, Lewis Hamilton tried to overtake Max Verstappen - who was leading the race - on the inside of Turn 9, also called “Copse”. All of us who have seen a Formula 1 race at the Silverstone circuit, we know that this corner is one of the fastest - if not the most - in the entire track, however, there have been drivers who have managed to pass there. Lewis went down into the inside and that's where the controversy began. The Mercedes' left front tyre collided with the Red Bull's right rear tyre, sending Verstappen to the wall in a 51G-intensity crash. Remember that this unit refers to the number of times a weight exerts force on a body. For example, in this accident, 51 G was the intensity, this means that the weight of the Dutch driver multiplied by 51 was the force that Max had to withstand on impact. Putting numbers, Verstappen's weight is approximately 67 kg, we multiply this by 51, which gives us 3,417 kilograms. This means that Max supported a total of 3,417 kilograms pushing him when he slammed his car into the wall. To avoid confusion, it was a very serious accident, so much so that he had to be sent to the hospital for check-ups.

At the time, the FIA ​​awarded the seven-time world champion a 10-second penalty for causing a collision. Many people thought that this penalty was unfair and that it should have been more severe, coupled with the fact that despite the penalty, Hamilton won the Grand Prix. On the other hand, there were many people who thought it was a racing incident and the penalty was fair. Of course, Red Bull disagreed with this second thought. And as already announced, Red Bull has asked the FIA ​​to review again the accident and the statements of the German team, this with the purpose of aggravating the sanction already given, but it will only be possible if the Federation considers it necessary. The FIA ​​announced that the new hearing will take place on Thursday, before the Hungarian Grand Prix. For his part, the main advisor of Red Bull, Helmut Marko, has commented that they will reveal new material so that the penalty can be rectified again, he commented that said material was not available because their main focus at the time of the accident, was the condition of the Dutch driver.



“Those facts will be brought forward on Thursday, and we hope that that will [result in] a reassessment, because we still think that this penalty was too lenient for Hamilton.” Marko revealed for RTL.

“Our completely different opinion will be proven with footage. The crux of the matter is that we bring new evidence, new facts. But I can’t reveal these details.”

“A penalty that would have prevented a victory would be appropriate. A drive-through or a ban at the next race, something along those lines.” Marko affirmed. “But that’s up to the stewards. First of all, we are very happy that this reopening has happened. And we will now see how they judge it.”

“But I think that what we bring forward will put it in a slightly different light.” Marko assured.

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