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F1 | Hungarian GP | Verstappen asks for “ridiculous” questions on Silverstone GP to just stop

Both Verstappen and Hamilton are asked many questions on the crash in Silverstone but the Red Bull driver tries to put a stop on them.

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F1 | Hungarian GP | Verstappen asks for “ridiculous” questions on Silverstone GP to  just stop
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The crash that happened in Silverstone between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen is still on everybody’s mouths. Even after two weeks, even on a different Grand Prix race. Even though Verstappen was the first to openly talk about that during the last days, the situation went out of control, with the media continuously talk, write and ask only about the matter.

The Red Bull driver now wants to go over, forget about what happened on the first lap in Silverstone and just stop the questions that keep getting asked. The Dutchman has got tired of them. He says that the whole situation just got over the top and become “ridiculous”. Especially considering that tomorrow, they will be close again at the start, because Hamilton is the pole man and Verstappen is third so stands over the same line.

“Can we just already stop about this because it’s… we had so many f***ing questions about this,” - he said after the Briton’s pole and the usual question on what to expect now that they will be side-by-side tomorrow.

“It’s just ridiculous. Honestly, the whole Thursday we have been answering this stupid s**t all the time so can we just stop about it, please.”

Then, the Red Bull driver commented for the last time on this matter and explains the outline that we will have to wait for tomorrow’s Grand Prix.

“We are racers, we will race and of course we are going to race hard but fair, so we are going to keep pushing each other.”

Enough is enough, let’s just hush the words and let the actions on the track do the talking.

Verstappen starts tomorrow's race in P3 on the soft tyres, as Red Bull failed to match Mercedes on Saturday afternoon. 


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