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F1 | Hungarian GP | Steiner on today´s frustration on a scale from 1 to 10: "now it´s a five, three hours ago 11 out of 10"

Guenther Steiner had a very frustrating Saturday after one of his cars couldn´t make it to Qualy. The team principal expects his drivers to learn from this and to avoid unnecessary risks in the future.

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F1 | Hungarian GP | Steiner on today´s frustration on a scale from 1 to 10: "now it´s a five, three hours ago 11 out of 10"
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Guenther Steiner wasn´t happy today after one of his cars ended up against the barriers and couldn´t make it into Qualy. A heavily damaged car also means an extra bill in parts that hits the budget hard. Today, MotorLat had access to an online meeting with the Team Principal where he admitted his frustration.

When he was asked about whether the team considers potential crashes from rookie drivers into the budget and if there´s a point when they would say they can´t afford any more of them because they could compromise next year´s plans. Steiner admitted “you always plan accidents especially with rookie drivers. We´ve reached a point now where we have to work to have less accidents for the rest of the season. Mick in the last few races had quite a few big ones…these accidents are quite heavy, it´s a lot of money and for no good reasons. We have to work on it to get better and obviously the budget is the budget and you need to stick to it or you always have to get ideas of how to get round to it but in the moment we feel it but we can still deal with it but soon we will be in a position that we´ll need to find new ways to overcome this, it´s getting a little bit too frequent, too heavy”

On whether he was surprised about his driver still having big shunts, like the one Schumacher had today, at this stage of the year and if he felt they should´ve probably learnt by now, Steiner added, “yes, I actually think so. By now we should know where we stand, in Fp3 you compromise yourself not taking part in qualifying. The risk is always there it´s only two hours away from when you finish to qualify so they need to learn out of this. We need to get better at this.”

About the approach to working with young drivers “what needs to be explained to young people is that you always have to make judgements is it worthwhile or not and that is from their side and to deal with it from our side means we have to balance how we spend our money. Obviously we know exactly what we´re doing. To deal with the drivers is mainly just sitting do with them and explaining the big picture. Sometimes you need to take risks but you take risks if there´s opportunity. If there´s no opportunity, I never take risks. There´s nothing to be gained. In the moment we know there´s not a lot to be gained specially not in Fp3. We shouldn´t take these risks in Fp3…if you want to get better this is part of it. It´s not only about how fast you go, how you manage your resources, how you manage people, how you manage everything. It´s not only a lap time. It´s a lot of things, also you have to have a vision for what is afterwards. Is it worth the risk? If there´s no opportunity, it´s not worthy to take the risk”

Steiner explains that worth the risk for a team who´s at the end of the grid means “a risk would be if there´s an opportunity to gain a position in the manufacturer championship. Obviously, we need to race. I´m not against racing between the two guys what they did last race in the U.K. I´m not telling them not to race but to minimize the risk of doing damage that doesn´t help anybody…at the moment we have not an opportunity to get better in the standings of the world championship or not anything without…. specially in Fp3 by the way…”

When he was asked by MotorLat on a scale from 1 to 10 how frustrated he was. Steiner wasn´t shy to admit “that depends, if you would´ve asked me two or three hours ago I would´ve said ten. Now I calmed down a little bit, now it´s a five… if you want a number is a five but three hours ago it was a ten… ten plus…eleven out of ten.”

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