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F1 | Brown: Good to keep DRS initially with 2022 new regulations

The McLaren and the Mercedes bosses agree with the new regulations but they have something to suggest before we go into the new era: DRS should stay

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F1 | Brown: Good to keep DRS initially with 2022 new regulations
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Formula 1 is preparing to welcome a new era of the sport. The 2022 season will indeed host a big number of changes, as new rules will come into play. One of them is the much discussed budget cap, but it is not the unique that is looked at with a bit of worry.

The new regulations were already set to come into Formula 1 during this current season but the outbreak of the pandemic made necessary a delaying of one year and last month in Silverstone bosses of teams and FIA met to redefine the guidelines. Apparently, DRS could not be part of the sport anymore if cars can follow closely next year, as intended.

McLaren boss Zak Brown and Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff explained their thoughts on it, as reported by Motorsport.com

“I think from everything everyone has told me, both within my team and others, everyone thinks it [the new rules] will work, - said Brown - but I think until you get it on track, you don't know.”

"So I think to keep DRS initially is a good idea, and then I think, much like the sprint race, let's get these race cars on the track and figure out: Has it worked exactly as prescribed? Do they need modification? Do they need DRS? Do we need it for a less or shorter period of time? Because I think just like the sprint race, all we're working through is data and drawings and visuals, and until we see it on the track, we don't know. Everyone thinks conceptually, what has been designed should work. But we won't know until we get it on the track,- he added then.

According to Wolff, a more accentuated transition from old to new would be positive especially for the fans.

I think the DRS was implemented because the cars were so efficient in terms of downforce, and so equal in terms of performance that you weren't really able to follow them” - the Mercedes boss said.

The DRS effect is actually something that is not now quite understood. – he continued – I think it's an aerodynamic device, which I find quite attractive to the sport. But if you can follow easier in the future, it may make DRS obsolete. Today, it's a fantastic part of the show.”



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