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F1 | Vettel on the new 18-inch tyres: "They make the view to the front even worse."

The four-time world champion tested Pirelli's new 2022 18-inch tyres and, despite he was happy with their performance in slow and medium speed corners, he affirmed that the driver's view is even worse.

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F1 | Vettel on the new 18-inch tyres: "They make the view to the front even worse."
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We know that during the 2022 Formula 1 season, the new technical regulations for the cars will come into force. This new regulation has been highly acclaimed because it is expected to equalize the performance of the single-seaters, making the competition tighter and that teams that are currently competing in the mid-field, have the opportunity to fight with the two leaders; Mercedes and Red Bull. Although it is true that in recent races, we have seen more teams and drivers on the podium, such as Ocon, Gasly, Norris, Sainz, Vettel, among others, even these teams are not capable of having a constant fight for a position on the podium, hampering his chances of being able to face the German and Austrian teams.

One of the modifications that were the most controversial and is one of the most anticipated, is the change of tyres. Pirelli will continue to be the official supplier of tyres in Formula 1, however, these will stop being 13 inches, to be replaced by larger and more robust ones, that is, 18 inches. So that the teams do not arrive without any information about these tyres, all the teams - with the exception of Williams - have already had tests with their current cars, but with the new tyres. When it was Aston Martin's turn, Sebastian Vettel was commissioned to drive his car for a total of 110 laps around the British Silverstone circuit. What were the impressions of the four-time world champion? Not good at all, in parts. According to the German, these larger tyres make the driver's vision inside the cockpit even worse, so much so that the kerbs on the circuit cannot be seen. Remember that the kerbs are coloured areas (usually they are white and red, but they can change depending on the circuit, for example, in Interlagos, the pianos are green and white), which are located at the entrance, apex and exit of most of the turns.



“The big tyres make the view to the front even worse. There are also all the mirror mounts in the field of view. It was better when the mirrors were attached to the halo." The four-time world champion commented in an interview with the media “Auto Motor Und Sport”.

"With the [tyre] covers and the big wheels, you can't see the kerbs at all." The Aston Martin driver stated.

Despite this, Vettel was happy with the performance of the tyres. The main flaw with 13-inch tyres is that they tend to overheat too much when the driver decides to go faster for a few laps. Overheating causes the tyres to wear faster, which indicates that the car will lose grip on the asphalt. According to the Italian brand, the extra 5 inches that were increased will cause this problem to disappear, and Vettel agrees.

“I can drive longer to the limit without them overheating. They are more comfortable on the kerbs and offer more grip in slow and medium speed corners. " The German pilot affirmed.

"In terms of feel, I was faster on these stages than on normal tyres."

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