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F1 | Steiner: ''We will be having a Ferrari driver'' in 2022 even if Schumacher leaves, against other teams having to pay for damage caused by an opponent

Haas Team Principal spoke on how Mattia Binotto's suggestion on damage costs caused by a collision would be prejudicial for the category, as how the pair of drivers on the American Team look towards next season, on an exclusive piece for TheRace.com

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F1 | Steiner: ''We will be having a Ferrari driver'' in 2022 even if Schumacher leaves, against other teams having to pay for damage caused by an opponent
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After Red Bull stated that the final costs resulting from Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton collision in the British GP at Silverstone summed around 1.8$ million out of the damage suffered on Red Bull’s #33, various F1 personalities raised their voices on the matter; one of such, Mattia Binotto stated that F1 may consider: “if a driver is faulty, the team of the driver should pay at least to the other teams for the damages and repairs. That will make the drivers more responsible.”

In his column for Race.com, Guenther Steiner wrote about Haas and its latest position on the races as a result of the team’s form during the 2021 F1 season, but the topic of the piece turned directions onto how Binotto’s suggestion about making rival teams pay for damage costs on a collision would be more prejudicial than making the category and the hypothetically affected teams a favor.

“If we put it in the rule that whoever runs somebody off is at fault for the damage, we then have the insurance assessor coming along to say whose fault it was and then all of a sudden we are employing another 20 people to be judges and stewards and working out how many percent is whose fault.”

“And the next thing we’ll be in court as someone owes you $100,000, because the value of the parts is never straightforward. A component that’s on its last race of five has less value than a new part and so on.”

“At some point you have to say ‘we live with this, we’ll manage it’ and move on. Otherwise we could complicate the hell out of it and we’ll need a higher budget cap just to employ the damage assessors. People want to watch the racing; they don’t want to hear about insurance claims. Sometimes we have to rein it in a bit. If we have three races without any damage, everyone will forget about it.”

The Haas Team Principal concluded by talking about the drivers' that form the American Team's future and stated that Mick Schumacher’s next step inside F1 relies on Ferrari’s hands.

“Obviously, you anticipate some damage with rookie drivers, but if you look at it, Nikita made a few mistakes in the beginning, but they were never big ones.”

“But with Mick in the last races we’ve had quite a few big ones and it’s a bit strange to me that these didn’t happen in the beginning of the season, it was after five or six races.”

“I’m as confident as I can be that Mick will be with us next year. Mick is contracted to Ferrari, and we will be having a Ferrari driver. If it’s not Mick, fine, they have a few other good ones. It would be ideal if Mick stays on and I’m pretty sure that that is what will happen.”

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