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F1 | Gasly hopes MotoGP model can be replicated in F1

In MotoGP, "customer" teams can fight against the top teams. If the new 2022 regulations will go in that direction, something could change in F1 as well.

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F1 |  Gasly hopes MotoGP model can be replicated in F1
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During the last seasons, in the MotoGP there has been an ever-increasing growth of the so-called "customer" teams. Those teams, like Petronas for Yamaha, which are not directly supported - at least formally - by the "main" factory. However, this situation has changed in recent years.

Many unofficial teams are bringing on track some upgrades similar to their official teams. This mechanism has made the races very balanced, because often the client teams fight directly against the big teams, beating them. In 2020, for example, the Yamaha and Honda "customer" teams scored more points than their respective official counterparts.

Nine riders won in a shortened 2020 season, with 2021 seeing seven riders win to this point. 

In Formula 1, achieving a dynamic of this kind is not easy, but something is moving in a similar direction, especially with the changes planned for the 2022 season.

During an intervew, Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri's benchmark driver, explained how he hopes the situation will evolve starting from next season, making a parallel with MotoGP. The Faenza team has a long-term project, they are doing a lot to create their own identity and be a strong competitor in Formula 1:

"I think the regulation change is trying to close the gap between all the teams," - Gasly told GPFans Global - "Compare with MotoGP, for example, which I find fascinating because they've got six manufacturers, Honda, Ducati, Yamaha, Aprilia, KTM. I've missed one [Suzuki].

"But basically, everyone has got to get a chance to win races during the season because the balance of performance, they're closer together.

"I think that's what F1 should target, to basically put a bit more incentive in a driver's performance and give everyone a chance to win on certain days and make it a bit more unpredictable."

However, the expected change will not be immediate, as everything needs the right settling time, and Pierre Gasly is aware of this:

"As I've said, these big teams have way more resources, way more money for so many years that they have learned a lot," he said - "The knowledge they have about everything is multiplied compared to smaller teams with less budget."

"The facilities they have built, they are more efficient, better tools so it's difficult to catch up on that.

"But I think F1 is going in the right direction to try to bring the field a bit closer. If we do that, then I think, stronger results and podiums from the midfield, there will be a lot more chances and that's what we need as a midfield team."

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