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F1 | Alonso on the new 2022 regulations: "No team has a guarantee that they will perform well"

The Spanish driver spoke of how 2022 will not bring any certainty of performance, not even for the top teams.

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F1 | Alonso on the new 2022 regulations: "No team has a guarantee that they will perform well"
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Formula 1 is, day after day, increasingly launched towards next year's revolution, which will perturb the sport with technical and sporting measures designed to contain the crisis caused by COVID-19 and to rebalance performance on the grid.

Already last year the updates to the Power Units were limited, between 2020 and 2021 there was a freezing of some components, this year new features were introduced, as the simplification of the fund, the minimum weight of the car was brought to 749 kg [...]

For the next 2022 season, the hottest topic is definitely the budget cap. More precisely, the FIA ​​statement says that we'll see a reduction of the capitalization level to 145 million dollars for 2021, 140 million for 2022 and 135 million for 2023-2025, based on a season of 21 races.

No change comes without consequences, there will be a period of adjustment, perhaps very few teams will be 100% ready to face the change without going through ups and downs.

Fernando Alonso has spoken out on the issue and said that he doesn't have any information on what the current situation of his team, Alpine, is. There is still time, it is important to also focus on the current season and there will be time this winter to draw the necessary conclusions.

"We are working on next year's project but it's very early days and no one knows what the numbers are, because you have nothing to compare against," the Spaniard explained.

"So, we are all a little bit realistic and waiting for February because we will see many surprises when the cars are uncovered for everyone.

"We will see different philosophies, we will see different ideas and will be time to be sharp and react if we see something interesting."

Although the teams have been preparing for next year's changes for some time, it is not known how the cars will behave on the track, how they will react to the new regulations, what will be the result of this revolution that will shake the world of F1.

"I think there is no guarantee, no feeling that you can put on the future on any team, basically," the World Champion said.

"Probably even the top teams that are dominating the sport now, they are rightly concerned about the new rules and how they will interpret those cars.

"What you see next year in the first couple of races is the first year of that set of regulations. Eventually, you will see the same results for four or five years as we saw, a team that is dominant at the beginning of one set of rules, they seem to keep that advantage for year; everything gets closer and closer, but the same one is winning.

"So next year is going to be interesting, especially for the younger drivers, how they decide the future. Because no one, no team has a guarantee that they will perform well," he concluded.

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