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F1 | Austin Mayor expects to give "green light" to US GP this week, with the possibility of a second GP at COTA

Austin, Texas Mayor has stated that it is very likely to be given the green light to this year's US Grand Prix, and there is another chance of having a second Grand Prix at COTA.

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F1 | Austin Mayor expects to give "green light" to US GP this week, with the possibility of a second GP at COTA
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We have all heard the news that several Grands Prix that were supposed to take place during the 2021 Formula 1 season have been canceled. We have as an example Canada, Japan, Australia, among others. Some substitutes are already appearing for these dates, the Qatar Grand Prix is ​​getting closer and closer, but what we will talk about in this article is a possible second race in the United States.

As we know, the races that remain on the American continent are the United States Grand Prix (in Austin, Texas), the Mexico City Grand Prix and the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, Brazil. Indianapolis was, for a long time, the main candidate for the second race in the country, however, now the possibility that it will be held there, at the Circuit of the Americas in the Texas state, resonates louder. According to the mayor of Austin, the green light for the second Grand Prix -and the original- is ​​getting closer, despite the fact that Covid-19 cases across the country are on the rise.

If we take Canada as an example, Formula 1 and the organization of the event decided to cancel it for the second consecutive year due to travel restrictions in the North American country. This made it impossible for many teams and team members to travel, as Great Britain is one of the countries on Canada's "red list". This is what Austin Mayor Steve Adler commented.

“I think at this point we are ready to go and I am excited about that. Austin public health authorities are working with the University of Texas [on the increase in cases], and if there is anything that drastically changes, we will find out. " Adler affirmed in an interview for the medium called "Speed ​​City Broadcastin".

"I know the priority is figuring out how we run big events like this, but in a way that's safe."



“I think the Delta variant will be with us for a while. It is not an option to shut down cities the way they did in the past. Communities are going to have to learn how to deal with this type of virus and deal with it in a safe way, because it is something that I think we will have to maintain. "

“There was a concert here recently at COTA (Circuit Of The Americas) and some of these precautions and mitigation efforts were taken, I guess at the artist's request, and we really appreciated that. Those kinds of things are what we are going to see more and more. " The mayor of Austin, Texas, United States affirmed.

According to the Texas authority, the faster the green light is given to this second Formula 1 event in COTA, the better it would be due to logistics of the same category and the companies associated with the event, both promoters and tourism. His estimated time is "as soon as this week."

“It is likely that we will hear from the health authorities this week, if not, for sure, next week. This is something that is well thought out, as you can imagine, there are many people interested in this from different perspectives. With the arrival of the event, we recognize that we must be decisive and act quickly. "

“I can tell you where we are now and where the rules are right now and what we are trying to figure out. So, let's wait, hopefully we'll hear official news this week. "

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