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F1 | Belgian GP | Points Scoring Finishers Describe Today As "Crazy Day, Crazy Circumstances"

Numerous F1 drivers feel frustration and many emotions as the race today was limited to two laps behind the safety car due to poor weather conditions.

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F1 | Belgian GP | Points Scoring Finishers Describe Today As "Crazy Day, Crazy Circumstances"
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After waiting for over three hours, the Belgian Grand Prix was limited to shorter laps behind the safety car due to poor weather conditions.

Half points were awarded behind the Safety Car, well after the race was supposed to end.

Many fans at the circuit were enraged, sticking out all afternoon in the pouring rain only to be rewarded with three processional circuits behind the Safety Car.

The rain one can see on the television displays was not the same as the rain visible from the window in Spa-Franorchamps. The heavy rain in the morning delayed the scheduled start time of 3 p.m local time approached, the severity increased.

The top 10 classification from qualifying, were the end result of the race today.

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo who finished P4, commented, “Crazy, crazy day, crazy circumstances. It’s lucky we don’t get these situations very often but it is what it is. Sorry to the fans and everyone that stayed out here all day to watch us race, they were awesome. We were really hoping to get a race and obviously it didn’t happen, but it’s no-one’s fault, it’s just the situation and circumstances today. We’ve got two races on consecutive weekends now so hopefully that makes up for it. It made quali more important, so I’m happy I managed to earn a good position yesterday.”

Similarly, Aston Martin's Sebastian Vettel states, “I think it is a frustrating day for all of us and an anti-climax, especially for the fans, who were outside in the wet and the cold all day waiting to see a race. I feel sorry we could not give them the entertainment they deserved to see. The rain just never stopped and, when we did go out, the spray was very bad with low visibility. The FIA had to make some tough decisions today. It is not easy for them, but safety has to be the priority, and even though their decisions may not have been popular they were probably the right ones.”

AlphaTauri's Pierre Gasly responded, "It’s been a long day and I’m very disappointed that we didn’t get to race. I think we all feel very sorry for the fans that have stayed with us in the rain all day, without any racing and I would like to thank them all for staying until the end. However, the conditions were very extreme, I don’t think I’ve driven in conditions worse than this before. I think that the problem was that if anyone spun in the first lap, there was absolutely no visibility and there would’ve been a big accident. We know how dangerous it can be to race here, so this was absolutely the correct decision.”

Alpine's Esteban Ocon expresses, “Firstly, I feel sorry for all the fans out there at the track today. Thank you to them for their patience and their enthusiasm at waiting all afternoon to see some action. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t possible today with the rain, and safety has to be the priority. The correct decision was made to stop the race, so credit to the FIA and Michael Masi for trying their best and making the right call in the end. The conditions were really tough out there, especially the lack of visibility. We pick up three points today, and now we look ahead to Zandvoort where hopefully the weather will be better."

Both Scuderia Ferrari drivers comment, "Obviously, it’s a great shame that we were unable to put on a bit of a show for the courageous fans who braved the terrible weather to come and watch and for the people at home. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do, as the visibility was too poor for us to race. For me, it’s also a shame because we could’ve tried to make up some places from my grid position, but safety must always be the priority. Now it’s time to turn the page and luckily on Friday we will already be back on track at Zandvoort. Looking forward to my first race there in Formula 1.”

For Williams Racing, Nicholas Latifi comments, “This definitely isn’t the way I would have liked to finish the weekend; I know we all would have liked to get out there and go racing, but unfortunately the conditions made it too dangerous. It’s really unfortunate for the fans and I really feel for them having sat out in the cold the whole day, so thank you to everybody who stuck it out. From the team’s perspective, it’s more points and a podium which should help solidify our position in the championship, so that’s a big positive to take away from the day.”

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