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F1 | Verstappen and Ricciardo: Races should start earlier

Drivers talk about how an earlier race start may help to avoid the Belgian GP situation.

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F1 | Verstappen and Ricciardo: Races should start earlier
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After this year's Belgian GP situation, a lot of comments have been made of how the situation could be better handled for future races.

Max Verstappen said: “When you start at 3 o’clock, and you have days like this, maybe it’s better to start a bit earlier, at 12 or 1 o’clock.” 

“I think that’s a better time anyway to start, for me. Now it’s just dragging on and on and the weather just gets worse and worse. It gets dark.”

“We already do too many races, so we should pick the proper tracks, of course, first of all, the good ones.”

“To come back again here [this year], I don’t see that happening, especially when you already have 22 races.”

This year Belgian GP is the shortest ever held race in F1 history at 3 minutes and 27 seconds.

Daniel Ricciardo echoed his former teammate's comments and added:

“If we could predict weather like this, I would look at bringing a race start earlier.”

“It’s like Japan 2014, we knew that the monsoon was coming, but today was maybe less obvious.”

“But the problem with a three o’clock race start is you only give yourself three or four hours of light and then it’s done. If we have an 11am race start, you’ve got a much bigger window to get some opportunity.”

“That’s not a criticism, it’s just maybe after the fact today, if I could have wished for something that’s what I would have wished for.”

“I don’t want it to come across as an attack because it’s no one’s fault what happened today.”

“For sure, I feel for the fans – they save up money to come and watch us and they didn’t get to see a race. But it’s not an attack to anyone because this is just mother nature.”

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