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F1 | Dutch GP | Norris denies he has lost confidence in his car after massive Belgian GP crash

The British driver has affirmed that he still has the same amount of confidence in his driving and in his McLaren after having an enormous crash during the Belgian Grand Prix.

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F1 | Dutch GP | Norris denies he has lost confidence in his car after massive Belgian GP crash
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It is race weekend, this time, Formula 1 travels to the Netherlands, specifically to the Zandvoort Circuit where the Dutch Grand Prix will be held after a break of more than 30 years. If we remember, a week ago the Belgian Grand Prix took place, although for many, it did not even take place. The weather conditions throughout the weekend were deplorable. The rain persisted and never gave way, so much so that race control decided that in the race, the cars were going to “race” only 3 laps behind the safety car, this with the aim of starting the race and, despite not allow overtaking and with the safety car on the track, the Grand Prix would be marked as completed, with official results and half the points (since they raced less than 75% of the race distance). For many, these decisions were completely wrong, however, so decided the FIA. We know that the safety of the drivers is paramount and we had already witnessed several very serious accidents that weekend, including one by Lando Norris, which we will talk about in this piece.

On Saturday, the qualifying session had already started, however, the rain was quite present on the circuit and the track was flooded. The drivers came out with extreme rain tyres, which have the capacity to move a large quantity of litres of water each time they pass through the track. Sebastian Vettel had commented on the radio that the conditions were red flag as it was quite dangerous. Lando Norris had taken the famous Eau Rouge corner and upon reaching Raidillon, his McLaren loses control and crashes into the tyre barriers, destroying the rear of his car. Today, during the press conference for the Dutch Grand Prix, the British driver commented that this crash did not affect his confidence in himself and in the car at all.

"It is my third year [in F1], I have much more experience, but the most important thing is that I have much more confidence this year than in the last two." Lando affirmed. "I am in a better place mentally and with my state in which I am in Formula 1."



"Now I know it was more because ... well, I was pushing and taking risks and stuff, and I know it was for a 'good' reason that I crashed."

Furthermore, Lando commented that he does not think he did anything wrong in trying to push his car to the limit, this despite the fact that the track was even wetter than in previous sessions.

“If it had been last year or my first year, I would have been a lot more worried and maybe then taking things more cautiously and things like that. But I don't feel like I did anything wrong with my approach to that qualifying or that lap or anything like that. "

“The rainy conditions are where more drivers can show a bit more of their potential and it is not so dependent on the car, this compared to the dry conditions. So that's where you can make big differences, and sometimes you can take bigger risks. I was just very confident. "

“Until then, I didn't feel like I was taking extraordinary risks or anything like that. I felt confident in my braking, in the car, those things can make a big difference in the wet. The car was giving me that confidence, obviously, to be able to do it. "

Rains are also expected this weekend, it is not yet known exactly if they will affect the action on track during the Dutch Grand Prix, however, the circuit itself is one of the most challenging and complicated for the drivers. Without a doubt, a very exciting race awaits us.

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