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F1 | Dutch GP | Zak Brown believes the Belgian GP is still an unresolved chapter that F1 needs to tackle

Ahead of Saturday’s afternoon qualifying sessions, McLaren’s CEO disclosed his view on the chaotic Belgian GP and commented on the need to review Formula One’s COVID rules.

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F1 | Dutch GP | Zak Brown believes the Belgian GP is still an unresolved chapter that F1 needs to tackle
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While Formula One is getting ready for the Dutch Grand Prix, lots of talks are still going on about last Sunday’s non-race at Spa.

Given the pouring rain, after a number of attempts and delays, the Grand Prix turned into a two-laps “race” before the cars were all led into the pit lane behind the Safety Car.

A joint statement issued by Formula One and the organisers of the Belgian GP said: "Following the impact of the weather on the Belgium Grand Prix on Sunday 29th August, Formula 1 and the promoter are working through various options for ticket holders, to express our recognition and thanks to them for their dedication and commitment".

McLaren’s CEO Zak Brown was extremely critical and outspoken on last weekend's non-GP and believes the “Belgian GP is still an unresolved chapter”.

During Saturday’s media session with selected media – including MotorLAT – the CEO explained: “We are going to be discussing it today”.

Some people want to close that chapter already, but I think it is still unresolved”. In Brown’s view, Teams and the FIA should try to understand how to compensate the fans and how to avoid similar situations to happen again in the future.

Indeed, McLaren’s boss thinks things are “particularly unresolved for the fans”, who paid for a show they didn’t get to see.

He has also put forward several alternatives that are going to be proposed during the Teams’ meeting. For example, having a “doubleheader at Spa in 2022 or even moving F1 tests in Belgium, allowing the fans who paid the tickets to join with no extra costs”.

Hopefully, the FIA and Belgian GP organizers can get “a solution by next week”, because “the longer this drags on, the less likely we are to find a satisfactory solution”.

I hope after getting the teams’ feedback today, our governing body can sort things out within the next seven days”.

Moving to the Dutch GP: it will be the first time in thirty-six years that F1 is coming back to Zandvoort. 

McLaren’s drivers expressed their excitement for the revamped circuit. “There’s not a lot of room for error. Sometimes it can bite you, but it’s cool to be on edge,” said Lando Norris.

The track has undergone some changes to bring it up to current Grand Prix standards, but have no fear, it hasn’t become boring as a result. One of the most notable changes has been an increase in the angle of the banking of the final corner to a daunting 18 degrees – approximately double that of the banking at Indianapolis, which hosted the United States Grand Prix between 2000 and 2007.

While we wait to see how Qualifying will be for the Papaya team, Saturday’s morning has been quite an eventful one for F1 fans. Indeed, Kimi Raikkonen has tested positive for COVID-19 and will be replaced by Alfa Romeo’s reserve driver Robert Kubica.

Just a few days ago, Zak Brown expressed his view on the need for Formula One to start to review its Covid restrictions.

“I definitely think covid-restrictions should be in place. However, what I am suggesting is that they are in line with government’s protocols,” Brown explained.

We have been dealing with the pandemic for over a year and restrictions have been in place for a long time”, he continued, “so, as Countries started to review and adapt their policies, so should the FIA”.

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