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F1 | Italian GP | Szafnauer to confirm Vettel for 2022: “Within the next week – ten days, it will be sorted out”

Otmar Szafnauer is satisfied on the improvement that the car has made since the beginning of its maiden season and he firmly believes in Sebastian Vettel

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F1 | Italian GP | Szafnauer to confirm Vettel for 2022: “Within the next week – ten days, it will be sorted out”
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Aston Martin is working hard in its maiden season to get back to where they were as Racing Point in 2020, and their determination is paying off. That is the opinion of Aston Martin Cognizant – and previously Racing Point - team principal Otmar Szafnauer that has emerged in a press session with selected media, including MotorLAT.

Some of the aerodynamic changes we made during the winter, we tried to cut down the downforce, have been less efficient that we hoped, - he explains, referring to the performance of the car in Monza, which have been tougher than expected - ''there is a big of drag here, but that’s okay.”

During the sprint event, their former driver Perez overtook them cutting the chicane and just getting back to the track ahead. It took a while for the FIA to decide to give that position back to the British team. It is interesting to know what Szafnauer thinks of this “pause” while deciding and what has changed from the past.

Charlie would have given us that place back instantly – he replied – He took advantage of the track illegally deliberately and it was obvious. He cut the chicane and went back right in front of us, it’s obvious! They should have given us the place back straightaway. Charlie would have gotten to the stewards and say “Give them the place back. Now.”

MotorLAT wanted to know if Szafnauer is satisfied with the improvement of the car from March, as the 2021 regulations hurt them hardly.

“Well, you always try to improve'' – he states – ''and unfortunately this year the regulations that affected our car are frozen in many aspects so with the frozen car I think we did the best we could.”

Aston Martin has been in the middle of Monza’s rumours because of Sebastian Vettel, who has been said ready to leave Formula 1 at the end of this season. MotorLAT asked Szafnauer when will they officially announce Vettel with them for the following season and how has been for Szafnauer to work with the German.

“I’ll start with how has been working with Sebastian and it has been wonderful and great. He’s a fantastic individual, works really hard and he is a genuine, nice person” – he tells us, before giving a prediction on when Vettel will announce that he’s staying in Formula 1 and with Aston Martin. “We like him, he likes us. We’re now in the detail discussions going forward and within the next week – ten days, it will be sorted out.”


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