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F1| Leclerc to Russell on his Mercedes move: "Learn from the best and enjoy it”

Charles Leclerc has some advice for George Russell, ahead of the Brits move to Mercedes for 2022. 

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F1| Leclerc to Russell on his Mercedes move: "Learn from the best and enjoy it”
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This is an information widely known by everybody that is at least a little interested in F1, but nevertheless it is still one that makes many people happy: George Russell will join the 7-times world championship winning team Mercedes F1, and will drive alongside Lewis Hamilton. 

Russell gets a shot at currently the best F1 team on the grid despite being only 23 years old. In relation to that, another young driver, who got his chance at a legendary team a few years back had a few words of advice for George. 

Charles Leclerc moved to Ferrari in 2019, after one season at Sauber, and back then got to join a 4-times world champion Sebastian Vettel. When asked about what he’d say to Russell about his switch, he replied: “To George, I don’t have much to say. He knows what he needs to do. It’s an amazing opportunity for him and he’s in a very good position too, because being like I was with Seb at the end, I had a multi-world champion next to me and, of course for us being young, it’s a great opportunity to show what you can do and learn from the best. So yes: just to enjoy his time there and not put too much pressure on himself,” was the Ferrari driver’s ultimate advice.”

On the other side of the garage though, we have huge names being teamed up with youngsters. That’s what happened to Vettel in 2019, and that’s what’s happening now with Hamilton. 

In Leclerc’s debut season, Vettel finished 24 points behind the Monegasque, with one win on his account as compared to Leclerc’s 2 wins. 

Sebastian, when asked about advice for Lewis on how to deal with young and talented teammate, responded: “I don’t know, Lewis is old enough, he doesn’t need much advice. Every situation is different as well; yes, I think if you get to race with a new team mate, you always get stuff you get to learn on both sides as well. It was like that when Charles joined the team and looking back I enjoyed [it], I’ve always been quite open and straightforward, and I learned a similar way of working from Charles as well so it was quite straightforward between us, which was nice.”

Season of 2022 will definitely be an interesting one in terms of team power dynamics. How will Russell handle his move to a big team? And how will Hamilton respond to that? Will they work together in harmony, or will tensions arise quickly? 


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