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F1 | Daniel Ricciardo feels at home with McLaren where “everyone has got each other’s back”

31-year-old Ricciardo explained how McLaren is a team where everyone works together and by nurturing relationships with all team members, they can get the best out of their performances.

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F1 | Daniel Ricciardo feels at home with McLaren where “everyone has got each other’s back”
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After qualifying in Sochi, the two McLaren drivers opened up about the internal culture at McLaren explaining how each team member feels part of a great family.

It is all about creating relationships,” said Daniel Ricciardo,

“it’s been a little harder with Covid. But during race weekends it’s nice to have lunch and dinner together and get to know each member of the team.

“In the end, we all share the same passion and sharing that makes you appreciate the journey more,” said the Australian.

“At the same time, I don’t want to take any of the credits. I think what they’ve built over the past few years is very cool” added Ricciardo.

“The team, the people, the place: everyone is very supportive of each other”

There’s no hierarchy or anything like that. The culture is very open and I believe everyone in the team really feels privileged to be part of McLaren”.

Lando Norris, who has been part of the team since 2019, shares the same view. Indeed, he said:

“I’ve been with McLaren for a bit longer than Daniel so I’ve seen changes in the team but, you know, I live three minutes away from the factory and I’m always in there”.

I always see team members: I see people around, at the golf club, at dinner and stuff like that. I also go around with some of them in the different departments of the factory just because I want to see how everyone’s doing and say hello,” the Briton continued.

“I think this makes them feel part of the team, not like they’re working for someone else. They are part of the journey just as much as we are”

“We are part of the same big family. We don’t treat them as they’re working for us: they’re here for us and we’re here for them. They want to help us and we want to help them, we all want to succeed together”.

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