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F1 | The FIA will look into changing Grand Prix times if there is rain in the weather forecast

Michael Masi has confirmed that the FIA will discuss the possibility of changing the hour of the start of the race if the weather forecast shows rain coming.

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F1 | The FIA will look into changing Grand Prix times if there is rain in the weather forecast
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The second half of the 2021 Formula 1 season has had several weather incidents, that is, rain. If we remember, during the Belgian Grand Prix, a heavy rain was the main protagonist of Sunday's race. Although for many it was not a race, this due to the fact that only two laps could be run -and all behind the safety car-, the FIA ​​decided to award points to the first 10 drivers, however, only half of them. Now, during the weekend of the Russian Grand Prix, another heavy rain hit the Sochi Circuit on Saturday. Yes, it was possible to carry out the qualifying session, but another rain occurred during the last 6 laps of the race on Sunday. The Belgian situation angered many fans as they paid for their tickets, but were unable to witness a Formula 1 race.

What were the FIA's plans to combat the bad weather forecast? It was decided to advance the first race of Formula 3, which was planned to take place on Saturday, to Friday afternoon. In an interview with the F1 race director, Michael Masi, which was reported by the media "the-race", Masi said that the possibility of moving the start times of Sunday's race will be discussed if there is a bad weather forecast. When asked if this decision depends on television programming, Masi answered this:

"It doesn't depend so much on television programming ... I think it's something that we are going to be discussing in the next few weeks." The race director affirmed.

"We said that after Spa, obviously there are a lot of strategic discussions that need to take place between the FIA, Formula 1 and the 10 teams, and that will be one of the discussions in the Strategy Group meeting."



“It is not just a 'tear it up' scenario, we are talking about two completely separate structures between the three championships. [Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula 3.]” Masi commented.

Michael commented that the commercial issue is not a problem, since the most important thing is the structure of these three championships, which are all governed by the International Automobile Federation.

"Those discussions will take place proactively; we will take a look at it and see where we get."

In addition, a Formula 2 race, a Formula 3 race and the third Formula 1 free practice session were scheduled last Saturday. However, these three sessions were quickly cancelled. For many, this swift decision was to avoid the uncertainty that prevailed during the Belgian Grand Prix. Masi was asked if this was true, to which he replied:

"Not at all. Let's see Saturday for what it was. If you look earlier in the day, those who were here at the time saw that there was a [weather] window that looked good, so we brought the F2 cars into the pitlane. Subsequently, that diminished. "

“Regarding the move from the Formula 3 race to Friday, obviously the conditions looked the way they were, probably the overriding factor in that scenario was that it was the last round of the championship, and we had the ability to fit it into the schedule. All these factors have to be taken into account, but no, certainly Spa has not intervened at all. "

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