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F1 | Horner on Verstappen: ''I don’t think I’ve ever met a driver so motivated''

Christian Horner spoke about working with Max Verstappen and the differences between him and Toto Wolff.

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F1 | Horner on Verstappen: ''I don’t think I’ve ever met a driver so motivated''
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Ahead of the Russian Grand Prix, Christian Horner spoke to British broadcaster Channel 4 about his lead driver, Max Verstappen.  

The pair have been working closely for over five years now since the Dutchman joined the team ahead of the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix. 

While Verstappen has had his moments of anger on the radio and pushed Esteban Ocon following their hugely controversial collision at the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix, Horner doesn’t believe the 24-year-old is difficult to manage.  

''Max is probably one of the most straightforward drivers I’ve worked with,'' he said.  

''He’s binary in his approach. He appreciates absolute openness and honesty. 

''He doesn’t give a lot away to the public. He’s quite a private individual.  

''I think when you spend time with him and get to know the real Max Verstappen, he’s just a really nice young guy that’s totally passionate about his racing. 

''He’s super hungry and he’s so motivated; I don’t think I’ve ever met a driver so motivated.  

''In terms of working with him, managing him, you just sit down and have an open conversation and he’ll listen. 

''He might have a differing opinion, but by the end of it you’ve always converged to a solution and he never takes anything away.  

''Nothing festers; you deal with it and move on.''

There has been quite a lot of tension between Horner and Wolff this season, particularly after the clash between Hamilton and Verstappen at Silverstone. 

Although Horner believes there’s mutual respect between Mercedes and Red Bull, he believes the Austrian and himself operate very differently.  

''It’s the first time Mercedes and the first time ever that Toto has been in a situation where he’s been challenged,'' he said. 

''He’s been in a situation where he came into the team, the drivers were already signed, the engine was already in place – and he’s done a great job to keep that team winning.  

''But there has been no real competition. This is the first time that it’s a true scrap. It’s a true competition. I think there’s respect between the teams.  

''But I think we operate in very different ways. I very much want to be in the front line; I’ll sit on the pit wall with the strategists and engineers.  

''Toto will sit in the garage next to the press guy. They’re different functions, they’re different roles, they’re different outlooks. 

''Of course the competition is fierce. I think that’s the key thing about this championship. We’re loving the competition. 

''The more Toto gets wound up, the more fun it becomes.''

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