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F1 | Williams to become climate positive by 2030

Williams has announced their plan in order to become climate positive by 2030. It consists in 5 'pillars'; climate action, biodiversity stewardship, sustainable innovation, industry access and access for all and purpose driven leadership.

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F1 | Williams to become climate positive by 2030
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We know that Formula 1 has been proposed in recent years, to be more eco-friendly. While it is true that the current single-seater engines are hybrids - officially they are called power units, not engines - they still emit many polluting emissions into the environment. In this article we will talk about a proposal that Williams has launched. Although the new fuel is expected to implement the highest category of motorsport, Williams has made an announcement in which they pledge to be climate positive by 2030.

To begin with, the British team has ensured that its strategy has been analysed in detail throughout the past year, in addition to contributing to initiatives that have already been initiated by different organizations, such as the UN Climate Change Agenda and UN Sustainability Development Goals. Similarly, Williams has announced that it is now a signatory of the UNFCCC Sports for Climate Action Framework. Something that they will start to do is show greater interest and give greater contributions to electric vehicles and sustainable transport in terms of improvements for the environment.

In order for the British team to be awarded the certification, it had to go through an Environmental Management System audit carried out in August 2021, now, after the conclusion of said process, not only was this achievement announced, but also the Sustainability Strategy proposed by Williams called "Climate Positive 2030". The program is focused on encompassing five different categories of sustainability or as the team reported “it is built on five pillars”: Climate Action, Purpose Driven Leadership, Access to Industry for All, Sustainable Innovation and Care for Biodiversity.



Within each of the areas there are different strategies that you have already started to implement or will do with the purpose of creating, proposing, developing and using initiatives that help preserve the environment and counteract the harmful effects of man on nature, or that promote biodiversity in motor racing and accessibility to the sphere of this sport mainly for the new generations. Although the program is focused towards 2030, Williams mentioned that part of it was used for its strategy for 2025, likewise, they stressed that in addition to now belonging to the highest level of the FIA Environmental Accreditation Program, they are also part of important initiatives sustainable development, which have already been said.

“Williams Racing is a pioneer in Formula One and the racing world and has a strong heritage developing F1 technology. We are living in a time when our planet and society is changing faster than ever. Building on the progress the global motorsport industry has made on sustainability in recent years, we have taken time to thoroughly analyse how to accelerate our sustainable transformation.” Jost Capito, Williams Racing’s CEO, announced.

“So, today we are making the commitment to be climate positive by 2030 and we will be using our knowledge to nurture and develop advanced technology to meet this goal.” He stated.

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