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F1 | US GP | Bottas: “The goal is to maintain the good run…” after his Turkish GP win.

Mercedes driver, Valtteri Bottas, talks about his goal after winning in Turkey.

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F1 | US GP | Bottas: “The goal is to maintain the good run…” after his Turkish GP win.
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After winning the Turkish GP and a good run in the last races, Bottas arrives at USA in better form, with hopes on continuing this momentum.

When asked about his confidence on maintaining his run at this race he said:

“Of course that's the goal to maintain the good run, at the moment i feel confident in the car, i think the last few races have shown it, there's no reason why i shouldn't continue with the good form, also last time around here it was a good race and a strong performance so i've been looking forward to this… so it's good to be back.”

Bottas was asked about the track (COTA) and when he won there in 2019:

“It's good fun to drive, it's a nice track, I like the layout…  me and I think most of the drivers really enjoy the track, specially in sector 1 and also some opportunities for overtaking plus the US crowd has been always really nice, welcoming and supportive, I think it is going to be a nice weekend ahead,” he responded.

The Finn was also asked about Mercedes performance in the last races:

“I don't really feel like we made as a team like big steps, we obviously stopped the development of this year's car quite early and it's been pretty similar car for the last few races but i dont think its a lot track dependant and we always keep learning more about the package, like fine margins, it's not like we are miles ahead of anyone, it's still depending on track and we need to keep that on mind.”

Since the Hungarian GP, Mercedes is leading the Constructors' Championship against Red Bull, currently by 36 points.

About the similarities of the last race track (Turkey) and COTA, he said:

“I feel it's a bit different especially now with the bumps, it requires for sure a different kind of characteristics from the car, Turkey was really smooth and also the tarmac type it's completely different, so it's a lot more open tarmac here and that means it's probably less grip than what we had in turkey.”

On his thoughts about the bumps he responded:

“I think last time around was still ok, on the limit but definitely brings a challenge and makes it more demanding, the limit comes when it gets to painful with a bumpy track, your body gets quite a beating and you start to get headaches and stuff like that so then it's not much fun anymore, so let's see how it is, hopefully we find that they have done some work on the track so its more enjoyable.”

Bottas is currently sitting in 3rd place in the Drivers Championship, ahead of Lando Norris and Sergio Perez.

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