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F1 | US GP | Mick Schumacher and his first U.S Grand Prix: “I really enjoy being here.”

The German driver will start Haas' home grand prix from 16th place, the German couldn´t take his team to another Q2 but is enjoying the race week in America.

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F1 | US GP | Mick Schumacher and his first U.S Grand Prix: “I really enjoy being here.”
Fuente imagen: Twitter. Mick Schumacher

Mick Schumacher will start the U.S Grand Prix from 16th place at his team´s home Grand Prix in Austin. MotorLat had access to an online meeting with the driver where he shared his feelings and opinions on his first experience in America.

When he was asked about how possible could have been another Q2 at their home GP the driver answered “If Q2 was possible I don´t know looking over the data and the little improvements that I probably could have had in my lap it would have been close. I think that confirms in one way to myself and to us our performance in Turkey…it was not necessarily only because of the conditions but also because we´ve had a very good way of handling the car and getting what we want from the car.”

Schumacher seems to enjoy racing in America and all the atmosphere. Last weekend the young driver posted on his Instagram account some pictures at Nascar. When MotorLat asked him about how much he´s been enjoying the week in America, the driver said “I really enjoy being here. We have our ranch not far from here so it also feels like a home grand prix in one way, it is for the team so on top of that it´s a great feeling.”

Due to penalties Schumacher will start the race ahead of Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. When MotorLat asked about his expectations for the race knowing he´ll start ahead of Alonso and Vettel, Schumacher was hopeful and realistic “We´ll have to wait and see. I think if nothing happens and it´s a regular race we´ll probably end up being in the same position as we qualified in. We´ll try our best and see what it ends up bringing us”

Although it was frustrating to be eliminated in Q1, Mick remains positive and sees the bigger picture “it´s great to see for me and for the team we´re getting more and more competitive and now we´re upset when we don´t make it to Q2 after it gave us a lot of motivation what happened in Turkey. We were hoping for something good also here. I think we weren´t too far of it. I think that confirms our work I think we can be happy and proud of what we achieved with what we have.”

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