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F1 | Teams to explain to the media all their upgrades that their car has had

Ross Brawn has affirmed that F1 is planning to introduce "show and tell" sessions, where all the teams will explain to the media all their upgrades in their cars.

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F1 | Teams to explain to the media all their upgrades that their car has had
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The 2022 Formula 1 season is getting closer and closer, and the fight for both championships this year is more than red hot. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are giving us one of the best fights for both championships that we have experienced in the last decades. However, the 2022 season will be a very big change, a change of era. In the coming year, the aerodynamic regulations of the single-seaters will suddenly change, starting a stage in which the cars will look very different from those present on the current grid.

With this, the cars will be difficult to understand at first, there are many technical concepts that even those that we have been watching the sport for a long time, are difficult for us to understand. That is why Formula 1 has announced some sessions called "show and tell". Here, the teams will have to explain some of the updates that their cars have had, this with the aim that the media can inform their readers and consumers of everything that is happening in the technical aspects of the cars. We know that in each race, the cars change their set-up a lot, this means that the aerodynamics have a lot of weight in the performance of the car, with these sessions, the fans will be able to have a clearer vision of what is happening in the factories and team garages.



Also, we have to remember that Formula 1 events will be reduced to only three days. Currently, the Grand Prix consist of 4 days; Thursday is press day, on Friday two free practice sessions are held, on Sunday a third practice and qualifying session take place, while Sunday is constituted by the race. Ross Brawn, who is the sporting director for the category, stated that this "show and tell" session would take place on Friday. In the same way, the regulation that will be applied next year indicates that the teams must use the settings that they will use in the race since the last free practice. In other words, once the third free practice session has started, the teams will no longer be able to change their technical configuration in their cars, in addition to the fact that each new element added to the car will have to be declared before the International Automobile Federation (FIA). With this as a preamble, the owners of F1 affirm that there is no obstacle for a new mechanical, technical or technological development to be made public.

“What we’re doing on a Friday is a big session for you guys [the media] to have a look at the cars and talk to the personnel. We’re pushing on with initiatives to get greater engagement and a greater insight into what’s happening.” Affirmed the sporting director of Formula 1, Ross Brawn.

“So next year, on a Friday morning, the cars will be presented to you. The teams will explain the changes they’ve made for that weekend and they’ll declare to the FIA the changes they’ve made.” Brawn commented.

“It will create another nuance and other interest in the sport, because the technical side of the sport is quite fascinating to a lot of fans.”

This can be a double-edged sword. If the teams tell the truth about their mechanical components inside the car, then the transparency between the category and the fans will be increased, thus giving a higher level of audience appeal. However, teams will not always tell the truth about their different components, this with the aim of keeping the effect secret within the paddock and not revealing technical details to their rival teams, which will surely be many who will be waiting to know their opposing cars.

Likewise, Brawn has affirmed that they are thinking of making changes regarding the number of sets of tyres that Pirelli provides to all teams, this with the purpose of being more sustainable with the environment.

“We’re all trying to improve our footprint, in many ways, and logistics and usage of tyres is one of them. We hope in 2022, we’re going to have some weekends where we have a reduced number of tyres available. We think we can do that without impacting the show. But, as you know in F1, there’s always the chance of unintended consequences.”

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