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F1 | MotorLat's exclusive Interview with George Russell - Part 1 | Russell "very proud" of Williams after the difficulties of 2019 and 2020

Ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix, MotorLat talked to Williams’ official driver George Russell. We chatted about Williams’ advantage over Alfa Romeo in the Constructors’ Championship, the possibility to gain some more points and so much more.

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F1 |  MotorLat's exclusive Interview with George Russell - Part 1 | Russell "very proud" of Williams after the difficulties of 2019 and 2020
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The 2021 season is coming to an end and all the conclusions are beginning to be made. Williams is one of those teams that can feel satisfied of the big step forward they have made.

They finished on the podium, George Russell’s maiden one in F1, and they've made four appearances in Q3 this year, managing to arrive at the Mexican Grand Prix ahead of Alfa Romeo of 16 points in the Constructors’ Championship.

MotorLat had an exclusive chat with their official driver George Russell during the Mexican Grand Prix weekend and talked with him about all of these topics and so much more.

We began our chat with asking Russell how proud he is of all the progress Williams has made since his arrival in the team, at his rookie season.

“I am very proud of my team, we’ve endured several difficult moments, especially 2019 and probably more difficulties in 2020 because we were so close and missing an opportunity was even more painful. But all the success is coming this year, the relative success, the podium, the start from the top-3 twice and I – and everybody in the team – are going to remember that weekend in Spa forever. I am very proud!”- he told us.

In Austria, Russell managed to get Williams in the Q3 after nearly three seasons and followed it up with three more later in the season, including those incredible performances at Spa and Sochi. MotorLat was curious to know how special those occasions were for him and his team.

“Definitely the first two occasions were really very special. The first time was Austria and we did it on medium tyres and it was a fantastic job from all the team,- he pointed out -  It was so special! The next time it was also very special, because I did it in front of my own crowd. It was amazing!”

COVID-19 forced F1 to visit a number of tracks that weren't originally scheduled to be on the calendar in the last two years. What has been his favourite between those added to the calendar in 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic?

“For me all the additional circuits were really fun – he revealed  - It’s very close to chose between Mugello and Imola. I would say Mugello. Mugello was very fun, very up-and-down, very flow and this was really a special experience.”

Next year will see the new regulations kick in. MotorLat asked the Brit if he thinks those changes will enable the drivers to follow up one another closer.

“I really hope so! This is the first season ever the F1 has really developed the regulation with a true purpose, and the purpose is to make the racing better. If we achieve as we expect, it will make the sport even greater so I’m excited for it.”


Williams are 16 points clear of Alfa Romeo in the Constructors' championship heading into the final five events. Asked on if he is confident to keep their P8 at the end of the season, maybe barring a couple of close races, he said : - “I hope so, this is our goal, is to stay ahead of them in the Constructors'. We have a good chance but we cannot feel too comfortable as they have shown very strong performances at certain races and we’ll go to two and a half new tracks. Abu Dhabi is changing towards the end of the season and this time we have Saudi, we have Qatar which one so which we will have to experience to know how to do it. I hope we can stay ahead, yes, and I believe we have the capability to do it”

Does he think he can add to his points total?

“Yeah, I hope so! I don’t see a reason why not. We don’t want to be on the defensive, we want to attack. We don’t look behind, we look forward.”

The young Brit has already proved that in quali he is extremely fast and consistent. MotorLat asked him if there are there areas where he feels he can still improve.

“Yeah, there is always room for improvement, even of very, very small details – he stated -  As a driver, you have your natural speed and this it but you have to learn how to get more from the car, more from the tyres, from the edge. You have to be constantly learning.”

And what about races?

Managing the tyres, under any circumstances there is always something that can be better, driving one lap full-gas is one thing but doing it for 70 laps and managing all of the limitations, it’s another.”

We close up the first part of our interview by asking him if he thinks Williams can become a team that will score points regularly next year.

I really believe they are on a strong path to success! - he exclaimed – What I really like about their strategies is that they don’t put up corners. I realize this takes time, they want to do everything perfect. The goal is not about winning next year but in the future. I think McLaren is the best example of this right now”.


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