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F1 | Mexico GP | Andrea Stella talks about Ricciardo's McLaren journey, as Seidl speaks on the key to defeat Ferrari at constructors' championship

Fighting Ferrari on the constructors' standings, the set-up for the Mexican GP tricky conditions and Daniel Ricciardo's adaptation to the team were some of the topics the McLaren people talked to the media ahead at racing at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

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F1 | Mexico GP |  Andrea Stella talks about Ricciardo's McLaren journey, as Seidl speaks on the key to defeat Ferrari at constructors' championship
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McLaren goes to Mexico City facing the last races of the F1 calendar with an advantage of 3.5 points in the constructors' championship ahead of Ferrari.

MotorLat was present with Andreas Seidl and Andrea Stella at a virtual press conference with selected media and when the German was asked about the battle the team is having with the Italian team, Seidl said the most important thing would be: "the consistency of scoring points."

"Having the best execution, on the team’s side and on the drivers’ side. Of course, we expect this battle to keep running until the last race. I think we’ll be again track-dependant. But in the competitiveness and performance side, hopefully, we have everything in our hands as well, a competitive car, a strong team, and drivers, to keep that battle alive.”

While Lando Norris is the only one of all Mercedes- powered competitors that hasn't been penalised because of the use of a fourth engine, the McLaren Team Principal says there's no plan for an update on Norris car, because the team wants to finish the season “Within the supplied parameter." And as "that's something which is under control with Mercedes, it wouldn't affect us in terms of the cost cap.”

McLaren's Racing Director Andrea Stella spent time talking to the media in the warm Mexican morning, and he talked about how the thin air and the circumstances faced at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez affect the configuration of all the F1 circus at racing time.

“In terms of the Mexico specifics, we don’t expect these to put McLaren or any other car in any position of disadvantage. When we talk about the chassis performance in Mexico, one element that’s important is the cooling.”

“How much efficiency you lose by opening the cooling.”

“The cooling is used for the power unit, gearboxes or essentially the side pots, but it’s also for the front and rear brake ducts, which nowadays are essential to cool the way for the wheels and therefore improve the efficiency of the car, so that’s something to have in consideration.”

The Italian spoke about the adaptation process the team and Daniel Ricciardo had to handle all season long to help the Australian driver develop and so, therefore, perform at his peak form, a process that has paid off with a victory in Monza and good results for the McLaren #3.

“Indeed, it was a learning process for us. Because we get a new driver, a very talented driver, and he struggles in some aspects with driving the car. Having a new driver that has very clear references helps us understand that some of these features actually needed improving from our side. Some of these features are good but most of the time they make the car more difficult to drive.”

“We understood that there’s work to do there. And the fact is that this sensitivity through corners made us adapt the car. Is Daniel moving to the car, but then there’s a bit of the car moving to Daniel in this 2021. And this learning we got will be as much essential as possible for next year’s car,” Stella said.

“Adaptation process was useful for McLaren. Indeed, there was something about the car that moved towards Daniel.”

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