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F1 | Audi and Porsche a step closer to F1

The manufacturers are getting closer to getting into F1, but how will this be done?

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F1 | Audi and Porsche a step closer to F1
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The rumors of Audi and Porsche getting into F1 are getting stronger with each day and it is a fact that they are interested but how will that be possible? Will they buy a current team of the grid, create a new one or just as a partnership or sponsor?

According to german motorsport website, auto motor und sport, the two German manufacturers are exploring different scenarios with teams, those teams are: Red Bull, McLaren, Williams and Sauber.

One of the plans was Audi buying McLaren F1 and Porsche joining Red Bull as an engine partnership, like Honda is right now. But McLaren isn't interested in selling. Andreas Seidl, McLaren F1 Team Principal, said the team is getting close to the profit zone and soon they will be there, also this year McLaren received 30% more money from sponsorship.

The Porsche - Red Bull deal is a difficult one to achieve for many reasons but not impossible, Helmut Marko said one of them is they need more than three years to make a top engine, Porsche has an eye on Williams if the deal with Red Bull isn't possible, the current teams are standing against the partnership saying both companies will have their experiences (Porsche from WEC) together and having twice as many test bench hours as the teams have now, violating the cost cap.

The FIA is having a meeting in December to make the final proposal for the new engine regulations for 2026 and with it, Audi and Porsche will have to make a decision and negotiate to enter F1.

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