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F1 | Sao Paulo GP | Freight delay means “it will be a late night” for Haas, says Steiner

Teams are racing against time in Brazil to have everything ready and get the weekend going as scheduled, despite delayed shipments.

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F1 | Sao Paulo GP | Freight delay means “it will be a late night” for Haas, says Steiner
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Formula 1 is heading to Brazil this weekend, as part of the last triple header of the season. But the week didn’t start off according to plan, as the poor weather conditions of Mexico on Monday delayed shipments. As of now no changes have been announced and things at Interlagos are set to follow the pre-planned timetable, but with the Sprint qualifying and teams having to head to Qatar on the following week, preparations are certainly running on a very tight schedule.

“I think the guys will just have to work through the night you know that's the only thing you can do. I mean I don't know if you need to work through the night, but it will be for sure a late night,” said Guenther Steiner in a session with media including MotorLat this afternoon.

“All the rest with the regulations has been changed as of this morning. The curfew and the scrutineering times, that has been all adjusted so that we can still do the event as it was planned, without changing the timetable. That's the plan.”

For Haas the main problem is that toolboxes are yet to arrive, meaning the team has no equipment to at least start working on the parts that have arrived.

Each team has got between five to six sets which are coming in containers and they have arrived without problems so we could set up the garage and the hospitality building,” he explained.

“I don't know exactly which car parts are missing, but for sure the engines are missing. I think the toolboxes are missing, without a toolbox you cannot work. Basically we can still not work on the cars, even if some of the parts may be there we cannot work on them because we don't have the tools.”

Steiner also confirmed that the curfew has been waived for tonight, in order to allow the teams to set everything up on time for the racing weekend.

Certainly a long night ahead that adds up to the already packed schedule of the personnel involved.

Given that some teams have already received some parts while others are yet to receive anything, the Team Principal was asked whether he would have preferred F1 to work a new schedule to make things between teams fairer.

“Then we need to do a complete analysis of what is fair, what is unfair. But there was no intention behind it, it was a matter of force majeure and changing the schedule brings with it a lot of things as well,” he replied.

“I think everybody needs to get through it. We all like to complain when we are in disadvantage, which is normal, I mean I don't see any issue with that, but I think we are not at a breaking point. It’s not like that we are risking anybody's health or something you know.”

“So I think sometimes you just keep your head down and keep on going, cause if we start to discuss who has an advantage, who has a disadvantage we are here three days and we miss the whole weekend,” concluded Steiner.

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