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F1| Qatar GP | Brazil clash with Verstappen “is not something I really want to dive too much into”, says Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton explains he is focusing his energies on the next round, leaving discussions on the review to the team and urges F1 to “bring a spotlight” to the human rights conditions in locations like Qatar.

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F1| Qatar GP | Brazil clash with Verstappen “is not something I really want to dive too much into”, says Hamilton
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As we head into the third to last race of the season stewards are still deciding on the Verstappen- Hamilton clash that occurred last Sunday in Brazil. No investigation was opened during the race after the incident on lap 48, but Mercedes has asked FIA to review it citing the onboard footage of Verstappen’s RB16B as new evidence.

"I have not actually been a part of it,” said Hamilton in this Thursday’s press conference.

"Of course, I am aware of it. I am fully supportive of my team but I am literally just trying to give all of my energy into this weekend and making sure we arrive and hit the ground running. I have no idea where they are going with the discussion or what could be the outcome. I am just not giving any energy or time [to it] at all."

"It was fine, this is what a world championship battle should look like," Hamilton had commented on the collision last week in the post-race press conference after the Brazilian GP.

"The reason at the time I said that was because that is just the mentality you have to take. If you sit in the car and complain, it will only hold you back so in the moment I just had to keep moving forward,” he explained this afternoon.

"Also, it is difficult to judge on something you have not seen all the angles. We looked at them and have a different viewpoint now."

Asked to share his point of view after seeing the onboard footage, Hamilton made clear he’d rather concentrate on his performance at Interlagos.

 "Honestly, it is not something I really want to dive too much into. I haven't looked at all of the angles, I have seen the onboard footage, for example, that came out,” he said.

"I am just trying to focus on the fact that we did something remarkable and unexpected. Just trying not to focus on any negatives. Right now, the team are in discussion, so I am just leaving them to it."

Going into Qatar Hamilton also shared his point of view on the very well-known issues the country has regarding the protection of human rights.

“I do think as these sports go to these places, they are duty bound to raise awareness for these issues. These places need scrutiny, and it needs the media to speak about these things. Equal rights is a serious issue,” he stated.

“However, I'm aware that in this place they are trying to make steps and it can't change overnight. I heard there are things like, a new reforming with the Kafala system that was in place a couple years ago, but still there's a long way to go.”

“Whilst there are some changes that have been made over time, it’s never enough, more needs to be done,” he continued.

“I just know that as a sport we’ve been to, and I have been to a lot of these countries and have been ignorant, been unconscious to some of the problems in some of the places. So it’s down to whether you decide to educate yourself and hold the sport more accountable and make sure the sport is actually doing something about it when it goes to those places.”

“That’s kind of why I’ve tried to raise my voice. But again, there’s far brighter people that are knowledgeable on these issues and are actually trying to fight them in the background, but I still think that we can still bring a spotlight to it and create that scrutiny and that pressure that could hopefully create change.”

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