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F1 | Qatar GP | G. Steiner “Nikita did the best he could do”

Gunther Steiner shared his thoughts on a difficult weekend for one of his drivers.

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F1 | Qatar GP | G. Steiner “Nikita did the best he could do”
Fuente imagen: Uralkali Haas F1 team

MotorLat had access to an online media session with Haas Team principal Gunther Steiner.

On the several problems that affected Nikita´s car Guenther praised the job done by the mechanics of the team during the weekend and added “Nikita did the best he could do not to do any further damage. He just went around and the front wing broke and then he was called onto the weighbridge. Everything that you don´t want to happen, happened. It ended how it is but it´s part of learning and sometimes you get disappointed because everything goes wrong and when it starts to go wrong it gets worse”  

After replacing Nikita´s chassis Steiner explained the team will look into it to assess the real damage.

The principal added that the problems were a combination of bad luck and the driver´s responsibility “it´s a combination. You make your own luck. I think a lot of people damage their car in turn 4 and 5 and I think…. these things can happen and it didn´t go well. So, bad luck. Up to now we didn´t have a lot of DNFs there wasn´t a lot of bad things. This can happen, it´s never nice to happen but it´s part of what we do”

The year is not over and Gunther believes there are still more chances of improvement “Mick showed today there´s still a lot to learn being close to the Alfa and one of the Williams today which is encouraging.”

When asked by MotorLat on how hard has this triple header been for his team, Gunther told us “The challenge was when in Brazil the plane didn´t show up and we got a little bit nervous…it was pretty tough to fly from Brazil to here is long and the guys had to take on Sunday night all the garage and everything and pull the cars apart and then get on a flight for 16 hours with a six-hour time difference…This year this was part of it. I think F1 did a good job to find races where to go to. It looks like the fans like we got a lot of races because the spectators are watching it so we need to put this on. It was tough, I think it was the toughest one up to now of all the triple headers.”

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