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F1 | Williams, Robson: "We've had ups and downs, but we'll do everything we can to get the best results"

Dave Robson, head of vehicle performance at Williams explained that the English team will give everything to try to grasp the best from the last two races of the season and he said that despite the lows "The car does have some strengths".

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F1 | Williams, Robson: "We've had ups and downs, but we'll do everything we can to get the best results"
Fuente imagen: Hasan Bratic - Motorlat

Two races from the end of the 2021 world championship, and the constructors' standings has several scenarios still to be decided and mathematically open to any result.

There isn’t just the fight for the title between Mercedes and Red Bull, Hamilton and Verstappen, to keep an eye on, but also the close battle for the lowest step of the podium between McLaren and Ferrari, places where Williams was one of the leading actors in the past.

Dave Robson, race engineer and current head of vehicle performance at Williams Racing, explained to Motorlat, and other selected media, that despite the pressure from the other teams is high, Williams doesn’t want to give up, and wants to push hard in these last two races, to get a better result than that of the last 5 years. They lead Alfa by 12 points in the battle for P8.

“We’re still fully flat-out, definitely. It is tiring and it is hard work but I think we’re all here because we love doing it.

“We’re just as competitive and as keen to get everything out the car," – he said – “It’s a kind of a personal challenge and a team challenge to get everything out of the car that we possibly can every time it goes on-track.

“If the best we can do is 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, whatever, then we still, so long as we know we’ve got everything we could, then we can take some pride in that. That won’t ease up.

“I think it’ll only be when the when the chequered flag drops in Abu Dhabi that we’ll really back off and I think we’ll all feel unbelievably tired at that point.

“But at the moment it’s full steam ahead and do everything we can to get the best results, irrespective of how the battle with Alfa plays out,” he explained.

Then, when asked, he commented on Williams’ season so far, explaining that they reached high points and slow points, that they had good and bad moments, and he focused on the weaknesses and strengths that the English team has shown so far:

“There’s been ups and downs through the year,” - Robson declared - “I think we know where the car strenghts lie and where weaknesses are, we know that the wind plays a part, as it did in Qatar, for example.”

“I think there were a few races where whe were fighting with the conditions, we’ve spoken about it before, and others that were good.

“Qualifying in Silverstone suited us perfectly and that’s the kind of track that naturally suits the car well,” said Robson. “Doing the Friday evening qualifying session when it was cool and an incredibly still really played to the car’s strengths and I think that was genuine pace.

“We haven’t had as many of those kind of sessions at those kind of tracks as we would like. In Austria, we were strong, I think that was through making good decisions with the downforce level, getting the most out of the tyres and conditions being reasonably favourable.”

“In Spa, the car was reasonably good there, but I think we genuinely did a good job. Same in Russia. So those kind of wet sessions we did just do a good job and got into a position that the car obviously didn’t deserve.”

The car does have some strengths, I’d love to take it back to Mugello, I think it would be quite good there,” he concluded.

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