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F1 | Masi on stewards delays with decisions “You have always asked for more description in decisions”

F1 Race Director, Micheal Masi, talks about the delays on decisions in this F1 season.

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F1 | Masi on stewards delays with decisions “You have always asked for more description in decisions”
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In the last two races (Brazil and Qatar) it took a long time to examine situations and take a decision, like the one with Hamilton and his rear wing and Verstappen ignoring double yellow flags in Qatar quali, announcing almost the next day if there was an offence.

When asked about this situations, he said:

"All of you have always asked for more description in decisions rather than just saying this person is guilty or this person is not guilty."

"You actually want as much of an understanding as possible of the process that was gone through. Sometimes if there are any similar types of cases, as you all see that the stewards obviously try to write their decisions, be it last weekend or this weekend, any of them that have a level of nuance to them, they put that level of detail in them.”

"As you are all aware that takes time to go through them, draft them, write and rewrite. That's one part, the other part is the teams need to be given their opportunity to present their case.”

"...last weekend in Brazil, effectively in total over the two days give or take round figures Mercedes were presenting to the stewards for about two and a half hours.”

"Sometimes I think the stewards would be happy to write just, 'this person has breached the rules' and end of story, but then we will go back a few years and all of you said you want more description."

"You need to consider that when you hand your decision down you have suddenly got appeal time limits and everything else that come into it as well, so the decision that is handed down, teams have to have their right of appeal, so it is all of those time limits."

Masi talked about the Qatar qualifying were Max ignored a double yellow flag, he said the drivers were not at the track so they moved the hearing to Sunday morning

"It was obviously relatively late, them not being here, long day, etcetera. So do it this morning. Everyone's fresh.”

"You've also got to think of offset time frames and everything else that you haven't taken into account in the timeframe, and when people are available and so forth, and when people get here, and curfews.”

"You need to remember curfews cover this venue for example and that didn't end until 12pm so when people are due to get here that comes into the timing."

We are in the final rounds of the season and both championships are still in play between Mercedes and Red Bull, so teams are trying to avoid every possibility of penalties, to obtain the most points they can.

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