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F1 | Raikkonen says Formula 1 must avoid burn out for people working in the paddock

Kimi Raikkonen has warned that a record 23-race Formula One calendar in 2022, featuring triple-headers, may "burn out a lot of guys." Meanwhile, Raikkonen's retirement announcement was unaffected by the hectic F1 schedule.

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F1 | Raikkonen says Formula 1 must avoid burn out for people working in the paddock
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Although the triple-header format was widely accepted in 2020 and '21 due to the demands of the COVID-19 epidemic, it had been thought that the sport would abandon it for the next season.

However, because the season's conclusion date has been pushed ahead to November to avoid conflicting with the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, races in Belgium, Holland, and Italy, as well as Russia, Singapore, and Japan, will be held consecutively.

The two triple-headers are back-to-back, putting employees under additional strain with six races in just seven weeks.

It had no impact on Kimi Raikkonen's decision to retire at the end of the season, which will feature 23 Formula 1 races next year.

In September, Raikkonen announced his retirement via social media, ending a career that began with Sauber in 2001 and resulted in a world championship for Ferrari in 2007.

It is his often monosyllabic responses to the press and his nonchalant manner that have made him a popular figure in the sport.

In the past few years, Raikkonen has publicly announced his desire to spend more time with his family. However, he refuted anyone's claim that a busy 23-event schedule in 2022 accelerated his decision.

When asked if the calendar triggered his decision, he responded "No."

He continues, "When I started, I think we had 14 races or some other 14 to 15, something like that in the first year. It was different but then there was a test in between the races."

He adds, "I think more races is actually better than going racing and then testing for a couple days, two/three days, and then going to the next race. So I don’t think it was any easier that way even though there was a less racing. I've been home between all the races". 

While Raikkonen claims he has suffered relatively little as a result of the demanding schedule, which includes 22 events this year, the mechanics have made things significantly more difficult.

Raikkonen states, "It’s hard for them and the problem [is] we will burn out a lot of people on this are going to be good for anybody, I think maybe as a spectator a lot of people it’s nice for having a lot of races but, you know, [for] the people that actually do most of the work, it’s very difficult for them."

He adds, "There has to be some kind of, I feel, better way of dealing with that."

He continues, "Sometimes there’s not just the option to hire more people because they don’t have money to hire, so it’s a bit tricky.”

With two races remaining in his F1 career, Raikkonen is likely to retire with 353 entries (349 starts), 21 victories, and the 2007 world title.

Valtteri Bottas, who joined Alfa Romeo Sauber from Mercedes, will take his spot at the team in 2022.

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