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F1 | McLaren wants more “consistency” and “clarity” from the FIA

Norris and Seidl aren’t completely satisfied with the way the stewards are giving out penalties, as the first feels theres too much difference in judging similar accidents, while the latter wants the reasonings behind the punishment to be more clear in the future.

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F1 | McLaren wants more “consistency” and “clarity” from the FIA
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Lando Norris and his F1 team aren't completely satisfied with FIA's judgment and, especially, the assignment of penalties, as they feel the stewards are lacking "consistency" and "clarity", especially when comparing two rather similar overtake attempts, regarded differently: Norris himself in Austria, who received a time penalty for running Perez wide while defending his position, and Verstappen keeping Hamilton behind him in Brazil for the race lead, which went unpunished.

The Brit returned on the topic in the post qualifying press conference, trying to explain which FIA behaviour he's criticising:

"Because, the moment everyone wants consistency is when sometimes, things are very very similar, of course not identical, and to every driver it's very obvious, then it's basically exactly the same, and it's different penalty from one place to the next, then that's where we want it, along those lines."

"Obviously, we have to understand, not everything is [the same], like there are some differences here and there, but when we know two things should be the same penalty, and they're not, that's when we're going to say we need consistency, " Norris expanded.

His teammate Daniel Ricciardo didn't fully agree with him, as the Australian driver believes the stewards judged different episodes in the same way at Interlagos:

"I don't know, to me, like in a way, they were consistent with two of the same, Lewis and Max in Brazil, and Charles and Carlos, they didn't give penalties or make them swap positions for those two, whether that was right or wrong."

"At least, they showed consistency in two very very similar incidents, but it's hard, cause we also don't want to, like of cause when it's right a penalty should be given, but, you know, a few years ago we did it a bit more rough, a bit more freedom to race, if someone has you over then you have the right to hold him up in the future, so..."

Ricciardo isn't a fan of too many and too harsh penalties, recalling the days when drivers could get away with racing "a bit" harder. 

"I'm still more up for that, so I don't want to get too dulled in on what penalties got. I think the blatant ones will always get a penalty, and maybe the ones that will be a bit more fifty-fifty, yeah, you'll see some get away with that," he concluded.

Team Principal Andreas Seidl brought up the topic as well, adding that while he understands the reasons behind the differences in the decisional process, he is hopeful that in the future it'll be easier to understand why some situations recieve penalties and others not:

"I think that overall, all but us were happy, just 'cause it's simply not crystal clear. I think that we all get it that it is sure there are different cases and that you have to look into everything that is important to the case, but at the same time I think it should be possible to have a bit more clarity."

"There were some things yesterday that weren't mentioned which could have brought a bit more clarity, like if there's gravel on the outside or tarmac," Seidl added, hoping for a more exhaustive meeting with FIA to be organised, in order to deeply understand the parameters involved, a wish shared "with other paddock members" and team principals.

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