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F1 | Saudi Arabian GP | Mick Schumacher “I wish for some battling and I hope we´ll get it tomorrow”

The German driver who will start at p19 finished one second ahead of his teammate and very close to the Aston Martin drivers.

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F1 | Saudi Arabian GP | Mick Schumacher “I wish for some battling and I hope we´ll get it tomorrow”
Fuente imagen: Twitter. Uralkali Haas F1 Team

MotorLat had access to a media session with Mick Schumacher. The young driver shared his thoughts on the Qualy session, the very demanding Saudi Arabian track and what he expects for the race.

When he was asked about the ongoing talk of whether the circuit is safe for F1 to race, Mick said “I think that´s something will find out tomorrow. Right now, my first feeling is that if something happens in the front there´s a high chance that the people in the back will pick it up and depending on the spot that can be at very high speeds. So, if everything goes right that´s great but if not maybe we´ll pay the price. That´s something I don´t know right now. Let´s hope everything goes right and everybody stays safe.”

He later added about the circuit and its challenges “because so many corners are aligned with one previous I think that it´s difficult but if you get it right it does feel good. On the other hand, I don´t think it´s the most challenging track I´ve driven. I think there have been more tracks that have been more challenging like Macau in a F3 car. It does align with what Monaco feels like or Baku. So, I think it´s not too bad.”

When he was asked by MotorLat about the close gap he had with the Aston Martin drivers and whether he think he could fight with them during the race. Mick explained, “I think race is gonna be another story. I think if we have a good start overtaking seems to be quite difficult. I imagine the Astons have the advantage in terms of power in the straight. We´ll have to wait and see. Obviously, I wish for some battling and I hope we´ll get it tomorrow with Sebastian as well.”

On the safety of the track and potential changes for the future, Schumacher explained “I think they´re planning something for next year and I think it´ll be positive if they do it,  because there are too many opportunities of something going wrong around the lap. We don´t want to wait until something big happens. I think they´ll have a look at it and analyze what they can do better for next year.”  

On the potential changes or improvements and from a driver´s perspective Schumacher explained “the parts which are easy flat, the flat corners, if you were able to extend the walls a bit to get a bit of more overview of what´s happening ahead that would help a lot, and obviously, if you have the opportunity to get the chance also when somebody is on a back off to move out of the way more easily or at least see in the mirrors what´s happening behind you. I think that obviously would help a lot.”

Being at the back of the grid Schumacher will be among the first cars to be lapped. Asked about how complicated it will be to leave the space for the front runners he explained “it will be very difficult to move out of the way without making your tires very dirty when the tires do get dirty it will take at least half a track if not full lap to clean them up again so, therefore, you have to choose wisely where to move out of the line to let them by. Probably the guys overtaking us will have to be more patient than in another tracks just because you can´t disappear from track.”

With only two races to go, MotorLat asked him who is his favourite for the championship fight, Schumacher didn´t choose a winner and said “I think it´s a tough question. I think it´s quite undecided. My fingers are crossed for all of them and we´ll see who ends up on top by the end of the season.”

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