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F1 | Saudi Arabian GP | Horner “It felt like today the sport missed Charlie Whiting…”

Christian Horner talked about the race and said Charlie's experience would have helped.

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F1 | Saudi Arabian GP | Horner “It felt like today the sport missed Charlie Whiting…”
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After an eventful race in Jeddah, both drivers racing for the championship (Hamilton and Verstappen) leaved tied in points with 369.5 but the race was full of controversy, with F1 Race Director, Michael Massi, making a “deal” before the restart, then the confusion of Verstappen handing the position back to Hamilton and ending on a crash, Hamilton making a gap between Verstappen and him in the formation lap.

Christian Horner, Red Bull Team Principal, said:

“We’re over regulated and there’s rules about 10 car lengths, but a formation isn’t a formation lap if it’s a restart.”

“It feels that there’s too many rules to a certain degree.”

“It felt like today the sport missed Charlie Whiting, I’m sorry to say, but the experience that he had.”

The race had two red and yellow flags, Safety Cars and VSCs.

“It’s obviously frustrating. But it’s difficult for Michael and the stewards, particularly at this type of venue, this type of circuit, the amount of debris and types of corner.”

“But it’s the same for everyone.”

Horner was upset with the five second penalty given to Max. 

“We feel hard done by with the five second penalty.”

“Lewis has got overspeed there, they have both gone wide, they’ve both gone in hard, and I think this is one of the things that we’ve been going on about of ‘let them race’.”

“Does that warrant a five-second penalty? For me, that was on the harsh side.”

He also talked about the collision between the two drivers saying that he believed Hamilton was playing games to not give DRS to Verstappen.

“Lewis is slowing down behind him because he lifted off.”

“So it’s like he didn’t want to pass him there because of the DRS.”

“We were trying to give the place up, and Lewis then drives up the back of Max’s car.”

“Obviously we picked up quite a bit of damage with that, so very frustrating, very annoying.”

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