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F1 | Wolff: “I would never say such thing” on F1 pushing drama for entertainment

Toto Wolff talks about Netflix’s Drive to Survive and the possibility of F1 spicing things up for entertainment.

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F1 | Wolff: “I would never say such thing” on F1 pushing drama for entertainment
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The 2021 season ending had a lot of controversy between the two teams contending for the Drivers' Championship. Hamilton was leading for a great part of the race in Abu Dhabi and in the final lap Verstappen overtook him after an accident which required the safety car to come on to the track. 

Netflix’s Drive to Survive show has helped F1 to grow its fans across the world by showing a more dramatic view of some situations we don't normally see.

Mercedes Team Principal, Toto Wolff, was asked about the possibility of F1 pushing the final Abu Dhabi had for making a more dramatic touch for the show, he said:

“I would never want to put such thing in…I would never, how could I say, I would never say such thing.” 

“Because at the end, we provide entertainment and it is entertainment which needs to follow sport and not the other way around.”

“And the rules are the rules, the consistency of the application of the rules is important. And no decision making should ever happen contrary to the rules just to spice up the action.”

The U.S. is the fastest growing market for F1 with 36 million fans.

“We love Netflix and Drive to Survive, Stefano Domenicali is doing a phenomenal job in marketing the sport and Stefano as a true racer would have no interest in interfering into racing, just for the entertainment.”

“I could never judge the pressures of a race director but in any case, we are so credible as a sport because it is sport and it is not wrestling.”

Drive to Survive Season 4 is confirmed and expected to come out in early 2022.

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