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F1 | FIA investigation on Abu Dhabi GP picks up speed

The FIA investigation into the 2021 F1 Abu Dhabi GP is reportedly picking up speed, with speculations that it will determine if Lewis Hamilton will continue racing in F1 or will say farewell to the sport. 

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F1 | FIA investigation on Abu Dhabi GP picks up speed
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In December, the F1 governing sporting organisation FIA promised a detailed investigation and analysis to clarify the controversies that arose after the title deciding Abu Dhabi GP, and especially it’s last laps, that have definitely left an unpleasant feeling that had an impact on the image of the championship and divided many, fans and professionals alike. The investigation would look in detail into what happened, as well as discuss it with all teams and drivers and was supposed to reach a conclusion before the new season begins in March 2022. 

As said by FIA spokesman, the investigation is being led by Peter Bayer, the secretary general for motorsport based in Geneva, and it will be 'thorough, objective and transparent’. The investigation process apparently began after the last meeting of the World Motor Sport Council on December 15th, just shortly before the new FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem has been elected, and it has reportedly picked up speed the past week. Many speculate that if FIA won’t come up with a throughout analysis and response, there is potential threat of Hamilton leaving the sport, even though he still has a contract till the end of 2023 and has not indicated previously that he considers this an option. The Mercedes driver has completely abandoned social media and has avoided making any public comments since the race in December. 

The next meeting of the World Motor Sport Council is scheduled for the 3rd of February in Paris, but any report regarding the Abu Dhabi GP investigation must first be consulted with the F1 commission and sporting advisory committee, which might mean that we will wait quite a while to hear anything proper. 

Source: reuters.com 


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