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F1 | Norris on his new contract with McLaren: “there's a heavy commitment from my side” and “ I'm confident in the team that we can have a good season this year”

McLaren Team Principal Andreas Seidl and Lando Norris express how their mutual commitment and trust with each other was a key factor in deciding the Brit’s four year contract that will last till 2025.

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F1 | Norris on his new contract with McLaren:  “there's a heavy commitment from my side” and “ I'm confident in the team that we can have a good season this year”
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Lando Norris’s new contract with McLaren proves not only his strong commitment but his belief in the team as well.  The Brit’s four year deal will last till 2025 and McLaren Team Principal Andreas Seidl has recently revealed that there are no “get-out” clauses in both of their contracts.  

Norris has set down a solid foundation with McLaren since 2017 where he was junior driver, a year later he became the official test and reserve driver for the Woking based team. The 22-year old then made his F1 debut with McLaren in 2019.

Since then he has been improving each season securing more points consistently for
McLaren with  49 points in 2019, to nearly doubling that in 2020 with 97 points and securing 160 points in 2021. With Norris delivering a breakthrough season last year for McLaren with four podiums, it’s quite evident that the team places significant value and faith in the young Brit.   

Speaking to selected media, Seidl explained how the mutual trust between McLaren and Norris played a key role in contract negotiations between them.    

"The beauty of this new agreement that we have in place is that there's no get-outs, on both sides, which is [an] important message that we wanted to give to the team as well,” Seidl stated.

"That shows that we're in this together and that there's a strong belief from both sides, from our side in the talent Lando is but, at the same time, from Lando's side in believing that we can actually get there in the next few years."

Norris echoed Seidl’s sentiment regarding trust and mutual commitment while alluding to a possible loophole in his contract should he need an out for any reason. The Bristol born driver also expressed that  he places a great deal of confidence in McLaren despite the uncertainty of the new era that the new.2022 regulations will bring in the future.   

"In every contract, there's various things but, in terms of my one for the next four years, there's a heavy commitment from my side to just commit to doing what I want to do, and I'm achieving stuff with the team," Norris said.

"In doing so, and especially coming into this year, the thing a lot of people would think is to just stay with my previous contract, which would have ended next year or whenever, [especially] when we're so early in this new era of cars and the new regulations and so on.

"I knew that was a chance and there was an opportunity for other teams to make big steps forward, and maybe we go backward. But I don't think that's something I need to be worried about.

"I'm confident in the team that we can have a good season this year and, whatever happens this year, [it] doesn't mean we might be struggling for the next five to 10 years.

"I have belief that, even if we have a tougher year this year - which I don't think we will, I'm confident we won't - the next two to three years, when we get the wind tunnel up and running, then we can make that progress we need.

"So, of course, there's things here and there like there is in every single person's contract. But, in terms of my commitment, it is very high. So I'm confident I'll be here for the next four years."

Behind every successful driver is a solid support system and Norris divulged just how significant his family and inner circle’s opinions are when it comes to making momentous decisions about his career.    

"I have a whole team that goes through everything with me, that obviously weighs up all these options and so on."

"It's not solely just me. I have my manager Mark Berryman, a guy who I've been with for almost 10 years now, since karting. He's the main guy, he does all the talking and so on!

"I've got my dad and a lot more people in the background to do all the contract stuff as well.

"I have my team of people I have faith and confidence in, and my family and so on. All people who can give me different opinions on what they think is best, and what they think is bad and good.

"I had a look at all the best options for me, and what I think is one [where] I can be most successful in, and where I think I can achieve the best.

"But also what I believe is the best for me as a driver, the best for me as a person and, in the longer term, what is the best thing for me?"

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