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F1 | Capito on how Williams turned from a family business to a well-structured engineering company though "critical changes"

Jost Capito, Williams CEO and Team Principal, analyzed some changes Williams went through, as he said "to bring the team back to where we want to be".

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F1 | Capito on how Williams turned from a family business to a well-structured engineering company though "critical changes"
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Williams has slowly changed its face, while maintaining respect for its noble heritage, since it was taken over by the US investment fund Dorilton Capital, aiming to become a large company more then a private team tied to the unforgettable figure of Sir Frank Williams.

The English team wants to try to look forward, partially setting aside the past, without forgetting it, but by making a new history, with the new ownership that wants to leave its mark.

Jost Capito, Williams CEO and Team Principal, explained to Autosport.com that the new management hasn't made many personal changes, but that important mechanisms have changed in order to revive the fortunes of the team:

"First of all, you have a high respect if you come into Williams, this is a team with a huge heritage with huge success in the past."

"We did not a lot of personal changes, we did some critical changes. And I think what helped a lot is to improve the spirit and to give the pride back to the team.

"We don't accept any more to be last, we want to move up the grid, and we work hard to do that, and we need the spirit and we need to enjoy that journey." he stated.

"I think that was the main thing and then fighting for points and getting in the position that we got some points and then like the icing on the cake, the podium in Spa, boosted not just the team on the race track but boosted the whole company.

"We also developed processes, we developed different structures. We improved the communication within the company. We developed our values for the company and the behaviours we want to have in the company.

 "I think we came from very much from a family business to a well-structured engineering company."

The goal is to win, something Williams has been missing for a long time. Dorilton has put in fresh capital, but the gap to be filled is still important.

Capito explained that there is still a long way to go to get back between the top teams and he hinted at some of the obstacles that are limiting the team's development:

"To bring the team back to where we want to be from where we have been in 2020 is a long way. It's not something you can fix and undo in one year, so there's more to do than has been done," Capito added.

 "I think compared to the top teams we still were lacking that we didn't have investment over the last years. And from last year, we were limited by the cost cap as well.

"But everybody started from scratch with a new car and it's very difficult to say where everybody starts out of the box. So for us progress will be how we can improve compared to the competition."

Capito told formula1.com that the new regulations, together with the cost cap, for Williams that has gone through some dark years, could represent the turning point:

“Last year we did not have high expectations with our car, even the podium was a very weird weekend. It wasn't that we've got the speed to get on the podium. Now the regulations are completely different, that gives a new start for everybody.

“The cost cap balances it out, but it takes a couple of years to balance it out because the investment that other teams have done in the years that Williams couldn’t invest are still there. There should be a benefit for some of the teams in developing the new car. We did quite a condensed and a very focused job so we will see where the car will be.”

We have to improve the efficiency, the development speed and if you want to get back to the top you have to be faster than the competition – I think that would be success this year.”

He focused then on how many things have changed under the new management:

“We have done things different than we have done in the past, not just how we approach the aerodynamics, we also had investment in infrastructure, on the wind tunnel, so that we can get better results from the tests we are doing in-house and also on the production side, we did change it so that we can be more efficient in getting the parts done, getting the chassis done – and that helped us as we had more time to develop the car before we had to sign everything off.”

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