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F1 | Lewis Hamilton on upcoming season, new regulations and new race directors: “We need to make sure we get non-biased stewards”

In recent interviews at the Barcelona F1 testing, Lewis Hamilton shared his thoughts on the changes that are coming with the 2022 season. 

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F1 | Lewis Hamilton on upcoming season, new regulations and new race directors:  “We need to make sure we get non-biased stewards”
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With the first testing before the 2022 season there are a lot of topics discussed. F1 will see the biggest technical change since 40 years, that got not only the fans, but also the teams and drivers excited. After having a small pause and social media break Lewis Hamilton is back in the picture at the Circuit de Catalunya since losing the championship title in a controversial finale back in Abu Dhabi. While preparing to be back in the brand new car he spoke with the media present at the circuit to give a few of his opinions on the upcoming season. 

Firstly, during the F1 press conference he was asked about his hopes and thoughts on the technical regulations and change for the 2022 season. About this, he responded: "Every year is exciting but this one is completely brand new. I have seen designs of our car obviously but this is the first time you get to see the other teams out there on track.

"You want to see a close eye and see why others have taken a different route. You have no idea where you stand so it is definitely exciting.”

"I do hope that these rules deliver in terms of closer racing," the seven-time champion said. It puts everybody on a closer playing field,” he added. 

When asked if he was worried about his team not providing him with a car that could challenge the grid for his eighth title, Hamilton was quick to defend his team’s efforts into the design and build of the 2022 car. As he said: "Why would I ever feel that way? My team don't make mistakes.Of course that is a risk (with the new regulations) but I trust the team. Whether it is good or bad we will work through it."

Lastly, the 7-time-world-champion spoke about the bias in the stewards room. After the controversial decisions during the 2021 season, FIA has underwent a change in the structure of the F1 race directory - switching between two different directors throughout the season and additional help, to avoid mistakes from happening. When discussing the topic of stewards, he said: “We need to make sure we get non-biased stewards too.”

“Racing drivers, some are very, very good friends with certain individuals. Some travel with certain individuals, and tend to take more of a keen liking to some of them.

“I just think [we need] people who have no bias and are super central when it comes to making decisions.”

“I want to see more women in the stewards’ room. I don’t think we have many, I think last year it was maybe one or two. And I think it would be awesome for them to have a male and female as the two race directors.

“I think that’s a great way of promoting diversity too.”

The first part of winter testing has just started today in Barcelona, and there will be definitely more interesting points and opinions in the paddock throughout the next few days. 

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