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F1 | Ukraine invasion, FIA could reconsider Russian drivers ban: but conditions explained in a 10-point plan to avoid this scenario

Russian drivers can be allowed to compete at international events, according to FIA, but they have to respect a number of conditions explained in a 10-point plan.

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F1 | Ukraine invasion, FIA could reconsider Russian drivers ban: but conditions explained in a 10-point plan to avoid this scenario
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After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the consequent support to Russia from Belarus, the whole world decided to isolate the invaders and to abolish Russian athletes and technicians from international events. It already happened at the Eurovision competition, in figure skating and now also in Formula 1.

The FIA, indeed, immediately cancelled the Russian Grand Prix at Sochi which had to be held in September and Haas removed their main sponsor Uralkali on the final day of testing in Barcelona last week. Right now, the same Mazepin seat is at risk. 

However, recently, the Motorsport Council of FIA made a step back. The FIA have announced that Russian athletes and technicians may attend events, but they have to respect a number of rules. At the same time, though, they are implementing security measures, as they claim in a statement that they can do everything, “including the right to refuse me entry into or prevent me from participating in and/or attending any Covered Event.”

The 10-point list includes several measures, and any refusal to comply with FIA decisions from the announcement made on March 1st will be a breach of the International Sporting Code.

Along with that, FIA condems unapologetically the Ukraine invasion and supports Ukraine and its people.

Russian and Belarussian people will participate as neutral representatives, who cannot display any Russian or Belarussian symbols at events and on social media, nor – of course – support for the war.

They cannot write the words related to Russia and Belarus or their FIA’s associations, not even their acronyms. At the same way, no anthems of these nations will be played either.

Moreover, each and every person involved will have to comply with FIA regulation and the Driver Commitment is legally binding.

Last but not least, the FIA reserves the right to take further actions according to future facts regarding the Ukraine invasion as the situation evolves.

The WMSC decisions were implemented with immediate and binding effect on 1 March 2022 and will remain in force until further notice – FIA said in an official statement –Addressees of this circular must take all necessary steps to implement and comply with the WMSC decisions.

Any refusal or failure to comply with the WMSC decisions will constitute a breach of Article 12.2.1.e of the International Sporting Code, and may result in the imposition of a penalty or sanction under Article 1.3.2 or Article 12 of the International Sporting Code, Article 4.4 or Article 25 of the FIA Statutes, Article 5 of the FIA Judicial and Disciplinary Rules, or under any other applicable provision of the FIA rules and regulations” – it continued.

“The FIA unequivocally condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the support provided by Belarus. The decisions of the WMSC represent the strong commitment of the FIA to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, the Federation Automobile d’Ukraine, and all of those suffering as a result of the ongoing conflict.”

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