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F1 | Krack: "We need to look at what car we provide Vettel" after "a very difficult weekend" in Australia

After the Australian GP, Aston Martin's team principal, Krack, opened up on the issues the team is facing and on both drivers' weekends.

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F1 | Krack: "We need to look at what car we provide Vettel" after "a very difficult weekend" in Australia
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After the first three races of the 2022 world championship, Aston Martin’s the only team not to have earned even a point, and it is perhaps the biggest disappointment of this start of the world championship. Before the team turned green, Racing Point had finally managed to earn good results, reversing the past trend, but now the situation seems to have turned around again.

Aston Martin is not lacking in stability from an economic point of view, with Lawrence Stroll making major investments, which is why the team’s poor performance disappointed the expectations of fans.

Last weekend, at the Albert Park circuit, Melbourne, Aston Martin experienced obvious problems.

“We had a very difficult weekend because we had a lot of car damage,” Mike Krack, Aston Martin’s team principal said to Motorlat and other selected media, after the race.

“It started already on Friday, we had a small problem on the power unit, which we had to change, so we didn’t get so much time. And then obviously, the on-track incidents that were visible to everybody led to a lot of work.

“I think at the end of the race we were still in a position where you hope we could score but eventually it did not happen. Overall, it was quite a disappointing weekend, I have to say, so now we need to really collect all the bits that we have,” he added.

He then referred to Lance Stroll's weekend, which cost him 3 penalty points. The most serious sanction for the Canadian was related to the accident occurred on Saturday, with his compatriot Nicholas Latifi. Stroll moved at the last moment to let Williams pass, but hit the FW44 in full force, causing a dangerous collision. This move also cost him 3 penalty positions on the starting grid on Sunday.

Then, during the race Stroll received a five-second penalty for having changed his trajectory too many times in an attempt to avoid being overtaken by Valtteri Bottas’s Alfa Romeo.

"I think we need to learn how the new race directors and how they govern it," - Krack said when he was asked about the fairness of the race directors - "We learned a little bit in the hard way at the moment.

"We will keep it under control. I mean, we had two points yesterday, we had one point today. Obviously when the car is not as it as you want it, then the drivers try as much as possible to defend.

"I think it's a combination of [that and] maybe new ways of governance, but that would be too easy to say. I think if we had a better car we will not have these issues," he stated.

He then explained that the car has potential, but that there are many problems they can't solve, especially in aerodynamic terms.

I think there is performance, but we have some issues and we are consantly working to get over these problems, but we haven’t managed to do it yet.” he explained.

“In Formula 1, if you’re not performing, it’s normally quite easy to identify the reasons why teams are performing and others are not, aligning with aerodynamics and car weight at the moment.

“While we’ve made progress on the weight side, we’ve struggled on the aerodynamics. This is something we need to really focus on.

“I don’t want to go into the complete details but the reasons for the performance are normally in that area and for us, it’s the same. Everything becomes much more difficult, the better aero you have, the easier everything gets.”

Then he started speaking about Vettel’s unfortunate weekend:

“I think we really take something away from it,” Krack said.

“I am happy that Seb is fine, first of all, after all these incidents. I think if someone like him a four-time champion has these issues that he was having this weekend, this is not down to not driving, because he has driven the car.

“This is really something we need to look at what car we provide him, what feedback he gets from the car. Because he will agree with me that him being off so much as he has been this weekend is not normal and I don’t think it’s related to having missed two races.

“He has been a multiple winner in Melbourne, he knows where he is here. I think it would be really easy to say, ‘Oh he was not there for two weekends’ (but) a driver of that class, we need to really check what tools we are giving him,” he concluded. 

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